Stories of unclaimed tickets in different draws from the UK

Forgetting to claim the ticket is not something new. It is surprising that people forget to claim their winning prize even after purchasing the ticket. One can say that it is carelessness but it is destiny that makes its way. There are many lotto tickets as well as EuroMillions Jackpot tickets that have gone unclaimed. It is a nightmare for anyone who misses out on a million dollar winning a prize. It is an opportunity that only a lucky player gets. It is a life-changing event and you cannot miss out on this. Some of the most talked about unclaimed lottery tickets are listed below.

Missing out on 65-million pound EuroMillions jackpot

It was 2012 when a player won a whopping amount of £65 Million. It is known to be the biggest unrequested Jackpot in the history of Europe. Everyone was expecting the winner to come up and grab the winning cheque. It is unfortunate that the player never came up and let the prize go away from his or her hands. The authorities do their best to reach out to the winner. Announcements are done through all forms of media. The ticket was acquired from the Hertfordshire region. The officials have always had the doubt that he or she lived somewhere between Hitchin and Stevenage. There was special publicity campaign launched to find the winner. Unfortunately even that campaign could not draw the attention of the winner. Ultimately the player missed the 180 days mark and never came up. He or she could have been one of the most successful players in the UK but the prize was left unclaimed. National Lottery used the prize for funding good causes in the UK.

£2 Million staying unclaimed in Yorkshire

There were two winners from Yorkshire who could have won £1 Million each. The prize can change fortunes and people can turn dreams into reality with such staggering amounts. It is unbelievable that players don’t even realise that they are sitting on a winning ticket. Following the draws regularly and keeping a check on the winning numbers is of extreme importance. National Lottery continuously appealed to the players to come up and claim their prize. But unfortunately no one came up and the ticket stood unclaimed.

A whopping prize of £33 million staying unclaimed in Worcestershire

National Lottery took every possible step to make sure that the winner came up to claim the prize. All the attempts made by National Lottery failed and the prize stood unclaimed. It could have been a historic win as the win amount was whopping £33 million. It was the year 2016 and the player was from Worcester. It is still not clear whether this ticket was bought by an individual or a syndicate. National Lottery even sorted out a list of 100,000 people in order to make sure that the player could stay anonymous. But all the attempts failed and the staggering prize went to the National Lottery fund. The winner had enough time to re-check his numbers. There were special attempts made in order to raise awareness in the Worcester region. The player services team was kept on standby till the final day as they waited patiently for the winner to re-check his or her ticket. Every lottery enthusiast was desperate to reach out to each and every player. The player services team has expertise in guiding the players and raising awareness. It is surprising that even these attempts were of no use. Camelot also has the permission to give the prize to the players who write a letter if they have lost their tickets. For all the lost or stolen tickets the players get extra 30 days to write a letter and claim their prize.

£1million EuroMillions Ticket staying unclaimed in Somerset

It is really difficult to win a EuroMillions Millionaire Maker raffle Jackpot. The odds of winning this prize are 1,900,000:1. People who have luck written in their stars can expect to win this draw. It was 19th September, 2017 when a person from North Somerset won a staggering amount of £1million. He or she had 180 days to claim the prize but unfortunately no one came up to claim the amount.

Every player starts planning on what to do and what not to do when they win a Jackpot. It is amazing to see that there players in the history that have missed out on staggering prizes and never came up.

Facts You Need to Know before Buying a Franchise

When it is time to buy a franchise, you can buy either an existing franchise for sale or a new one. Knowing exactly how to evaluate franchise opportunities is crucial for making the right decision. While there are many excellent opportunities, the franchise market is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Personality, skill sets, and financial risks are all factors that must be considered.


Compatibility of the Business Model with Buyer’s Personality and Expectations

Forbes suggests that you assess your strengths and weaknesses before moving forward with the purchase of a franchise. It is no secret that every person has unique skills and natural abilities that qualify them for success. Taking a personality test to identify your compatibility with certain franchises is one way to assess the viability of different opportunities. For example, if a test determines that you are a detail-oriented person and would be a good candidate for getting into accounting or bookkeeping, then an accounting franchise might be a logical choice.


Another good way to identify an appropriate franchise business for sale is to get feedback from friends and family members. Can they imagine you in that type of business, or not? Ask them to explain why or why not and you can gain some insight into how others see you and what strengths and weaknesses they have noticed.

right franchise business for sale for you


Conduct Research to Evaluate Prospective Franchises

Smart buyers don’t believe whatever they are told by franchise representatives without verification. It is important to conduct research to discover the truth about any opportunity. The Financial Disclosure Documents (FDD) for a franchise contains the names and contact information for all current owners of a franchise. Calling franchisees is one of the best ways to get important information about the pros and cons of buying into that franchise. Call as many franchisees as you can to find out what their experience has been. It is better to find out any negative aspects of buying into a franchise before the purchase than to regret buying because you did not do your research.


The FDD also offers critical decision-making information about bankruptcy data, training offered, litigation and costs that is critical information to consider before making an informed decision about whether to buy or pass on a deal. An informed buyer is more likely to make a good decision.


Hire Professional Legal and Accounting Help

Hiring professional accounting and legal help makes sense when evaluating any opportunity. It is easy to overlook important details that are buried in contracts or financial statements if you aren’t versed in reading these documents. Only foolish businesspeople go it alone without surrounding themselves with expert advisors.


Ready to Buy and Invest in a Franchise Business?

A Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Franchise which is published by the Federal Trade Commission is a good place to start when considering a franchise. Evaluating costs, restrictions and franchise history guarantees that a buyer will educate himself about how franchises work and what needs to be considered. Information is power when considering the purchase of a franchise.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best Gadgets

This is the era of gadgets and electronic devices. Technocrats have not invented and popularized these devices, but they have also helped a number of areas where these devices have created some positive impacts. In the field of technology, there are endless devices, but the devices that have brought changes to the life of a common man are a smartphone and smart TV. In the last decade, the mankind has seen a revolution in these technical devices. There are many reputed brands in the market which compete with each other for offering the best of products. While we might find most of the products same, a closer look will reveal the difference in quality and features, and that is what matters while buying any gadget. If you are a tech freak and planning to buy any of the latest gizmos, here’s a guide that can help in choosing the best item from the available options.


The Smartphone is a quintessential part of our lives, and with the launch of several applications, they have made our lives simpler. The market is loaded with many reputed brands that offer excellent Smartphone such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax, Xiaomi, Nokia, Vivo, Lenovo, OnePlus, Apple and the likes. With so many options one can literally get confused as to which is the best option for buying.

The decision depends on what you are looking for the most in a Smartphone as everyone has a different expectation from their phone. While some look for design, others look for features or durability. Some key points to look while buying a Smartphone are:

  • The storage capacity, both internal and external
  • The display and screen resolution
  • Camera quality and features
  • Battery power
  • Processor and RAM

Base on the personal choice, one can give preference to one aspect more than the others. The Killer Features is a site that can help in choosing the best option as they offer a detailed insight on which phone to buy from lower to high price range.

Smart TV

Gone are the days when people used to be satisfied with usual TV sets. This is the era of smart TV. The Smart TV can be connected with internet and are a fantastic blend of computers and flat screen television. These smart TVs also provide internet TV, online interactive media, and on-demand streaming media, along with home networking access. In smart TVs, the OS is either preloaded or is made available via a set-top box. One should check these features while planning to buy a smart TV. Few features might differ from company to company and based on the price range, so one should explore all the available options before choosing the best one.



Laptops have made it easier to access the internet and perform a lot of operations anywhere and anytime due to its wireless attribute. One can work on a laptop even while traveling. The laptops are very useful for corporate professionals and students who have to be on their system almost all the time. The market has some amazing options for laptops from the renowned brands. In fact, with the passage of time, all the top brands have started catering to the needs of all the segments. These days’ one can find a laptop with excellent features in lower, mid, and high-price range.

While buying a laptop, take note of following features:

  • Screen size
  • Storage capacity
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Battery backup


Television sets have become synonymous with LEDs as box TV and LCDs are past now. The LEDs are available in a huge variety to choose from. The LED TVs come in a wide range of screen size which allows people to buy their preferred choice.

While you can now buy life-size LEDs, the most common LED TV size are 29 inch, 32 inch and 40 inch. These three options suit the need of most people that have an averagely sized living or bedroom. The bigger LEDs are mostly preferred for business and commercial usage.

While choosing a LED for your house, keep following points in mind:

  • The screen size
  • Smart TV features
  • Display quality
  • Audio Output
  • Design

To explore the best options in the LED segment, one can visit as they offer insight on the best available products in each segment whether it’s the price variant, size or features.  Having a look at the site will help in choosing the best TV set.


Powerbanks are the need of the hour. In times when everything is accessible through our Smartphone, we use our phone extensively. Whether it’s accessing the mails or visiting web or surfing social media, the all day long use drains the battery, and the powerbank comes to our rescue. You can find many branded options for powerbank, but again you need to make a choice carefully.

When it comes to powerbanks, their battery support plays a pivotal role. One can choose from various options such as 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh, and 30000mAh to solar power banks. People who use laptops extensively can buy powerbanks for laptops as well.

Audio accessories

While using any gadget, we also need few accessories to enhance our multimedia experience. We often look for best headphones, wireless Bluetooth earphones, and wireless Bluetooth speakers along with wi-fi speakers, earphone with Mic, and portable speaker. One needs to invest in a good quality accessory so that they don’t have to compromise on their multimedia viewing and output experience.


If you are one of the avid photo enthusiasts and love to take pictures, the camera is one of the prized possessions for you. But while investing in an expensive camera do check for the specifications. While some people buy the camera for professional use, others buy them to pursue their hobby. Choose you DSLR accordingly. You can choose from entry-level DSLR to best DSLR, mirrorless camera to action camera, and waterproof camera to video cameras.

Common Kitchen Design and Remodelling Mistakes

Since the kitchen has become the heart of a home, it should have a welcoming, homey appeal and a chic, timeless flair. In the attempt to achieve this, many homeowners embark on a remodelling adventure inspired by a world of design ideas. However, without enough knowledge or experience in the field, they often make mistakes that cost them a fortune. Thus, if you yourself are planning an inspiring project, you may want to inform yourself about the most common kitchen design and remodelling mistakes. This way, you’ll be able to avoid them and save yourself both time and money.


A non-functional kitchen layout

Above all, your kitchen should feature a functional and practical design that will ensure an easy, uninterrupted workflow. Thus, taking some time to plan your kitchen space will make your life much easier. Not only will you be able to create a spacious kitchen with an open, airy atmosphere, but your everyday cooking will be a piece of cake. The biggest mistake here is opting for a general kitchen layout not designed to meet your needs. Some homeowners fall in love with a U-shaped layout, for example, and try to implement it into their homes. However, what they fail to realise is that this particular layout may not fit their space or their cooking habits. Thus, take some time to look into different kitchen layout designs and come up with a functional, personalised plan for your home.

Inappropriate or insufficient storage

As one of the most important kitchen elements, storage plays a vital role in contributing to the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Failing to incorporate enough storage solutions will lead to clutter, disorder and everyday frustration. Fortunately, this mistake is easy to avoid as long as you spend some time researching your options. Typically, upper and lower cabinets can be easily incorporated even if you have a small kitchen. Other options include hidden compartments, drawers, corner shelves and wall racks. However, make sure to avoid using too many open shelves because you’ll soon realise that you don’t want to display every kitchen item you have.


Not investing in appliances

Kitchen renovations can be on the expensive side, especially if you go with a complete makeover. However, quality appliances aren’t the item you should skimp on. In fact, if you want to go with one big splurge, this is the investment worth making. You should definitely invest in stainless steel appliances, such as the renowned Frigidaire brand, since they are more durable, easy to clean and the perfect choice for a modern kitchen. In addition, if you ever decide to sell your home, high-quality stainless steel appliances are one of the most sought-after features among buyers.
However, you shouldn’t leave purchasing your kitchen appliances for the end. It will be much easier to find cabinets and countertops that fit the design of your appliances than vice versa.

A poor ventilation system

High-quality and energy efficient ventilation is another item on the list worth investing in. In addition, if you don’t have experience in installing ventilation, you should definitely seek professional help. Poorly installed ventilation, or one of low quality, will be ineffective at preventing mould from growing, which will be a major problem and a health hazard, especially if you live in a hot, humid country. Furthermore, quality ventilation will keep your kitchen smell- and steam-free, lower your energy consumption and emit little to no noise.

Not enough lighting

Installing a single pendant light in your kitchen is another common design mistake that you should avoid. In fact, the best kitchen lighting scheme entails three different layers of light – general lighting (an overhead pendant), task lighting (spotlights under your cabinets) and accent lighting (stylish lamps and pendants) that will accentuate the most beautiful features in your kitchen. However, even if you make this mistake, you can easily fix it and have additional lights installed.


In order to design a stylish, functional kitchen, you need to spend some time planning and researching your options. Not only will this enable you to design your dream kitchen, but it will also help you avoid making costly mistakes. rustic kitchen

What is Eid and how do Muslim spend it?

Eid is a very important day in the Islamic calendar. It is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of the month of Ramadan. It is a very significant month of fasting and prayers where the Muslims reconnect with Allah. This is the day celebrated to break the fast at the end of Ramadan. The exact day of Eid relies on the lunar cycle and hence it varies from year to year. In 2018, the day is likely to fall in the last two days of June. The Islam calendar is based on the lunar cycle and therefore the day varies with seasons and it will be announced when a new moon is sighted.

The day is one of the most awaited events among the Muslims. This day is a blessing from Allah. The celebrations have been in existence since the days of prophet PBUH and hence Allah bestowed it as a blessing to the Muslim community. The occasion is one of joy and happiness given by the Almighty Allah to the Muslims from all corners of the globe. The holiday involves a range of celebrations as family, friends and the entire community comes together to reconnect and celebrate as a loving family of Allah. The days of the two Eids are days of bringing together our hearts and restoring the relationship with friends and family. These days are signaled with some acts of praise to Allah, special practices and traditions. One way to celebrate this occasion is by sending Eid Wishes 2018 to your loved ones.

Muslims should observe the days of Eid by:

We should worship in the night of Eids

Prophet Muhammad said that blessings of eternal life are bestowed to those who spend their days of Eid worshipping Allah. We should spend the days of Eid worshipping and following the teachings of Allah. As a result, our hearts will not die when all the hearts will be perishing.  Eid is characterized by three acts of worship. The Zakat ul-Fitr, Takbeer and Eid prayer. Giving to the less fortunate in the society is also an act of worship. Zakat ul-Fitr is an act of feeding the poor so that they have enough food on the days of Eid.

Wake up early and attend the Eid prayer

Imams from all corners of the world hold special prayers in the morning of Eid. In most cases, they hold prayers in the central big mosques. In most of the regions, all Muslims attend the prayers apart from those who are left preparing for the big parties at homes. Wake up and attend the prayers before you go on with your daily activities.

In the Eid morning, wake up early and wish whatever you want from Allah

”Servants of Allah who get cleansed through fasting and prayers can wish whatever they want from Allah”. These are the words of Mohammad. The holy book says that on the morning of Eid when the Muslims congregate for prayers, Allah asks his Angels to propose the reward of a servant who completes his duties. Allah said that it is only through blessings that he can reward his loyal servants who fast and pray on Ramadan.

Have gatherings and rejoice on the day of Eid

This is a very special day when Allah rewards his servants with joy and happiness. Those who are loyal to him are rewarded with feats as gifts from Allah. On the day of Ramadan, the Angels stand on the ways and say, ”O Muslim community! Please move towards your generous Lord who will bestow generosity on you. Allah has ordered you to pray at night, fast in the daytime and obey him so that you can get your rewards”. The Lord has forgiven us and ordered us to return to our homes since we have already found the right paths. Eid is the reward day, celebrate, party and merry for you are blessed.

Have outings on the day of Eid

The day of Eid is a day when we are all supposed to have time with our families and friends. Muslims all over the world go out on the day of Eid and enjoy the company of their friends and family. Visit children homes, orphanage and hospitals, prisons and have some time with the less fortunate in the society. Spare enough time to take your children and old parents to the best hotels, parks, and beaches to enjoy themselves and unwind from the day to day activities of the year.

Give to the Poor

Every Muslim is obliged to share what they have with the poor. The day of Eid is the occasion of showing love to the poor and share with them what you have including clothes and foods. Spend your days with them in the streets or even welcome them to your home to celebrate together. Observe the Zakat al-Fitr which is the duty of all the Muslims to share with the less fortunate in the community.

Price to Book Value (PBV)

The PBV ratio compares the market price of the stock with its book value. It is computed as market price per share upon book value per share.

The book value is the accounting value per share, in the books of the company. It represents the net worth (capital plus reserves) per share. An important limitation of this number is that most assets on the books of the company are shown at cost less depreciation, and not inflation adjusted. Therefore the realizable value of the assets is not reflected in the book value. However, in a company which has been building reserves from sustained profitability, the book value is an important indicator of value. Since the book value considers the net worth of a company, it is an important number in fundamental analysis that is practiced by the commodity tips providers.

If the market price of the stock were lower than the book value (i.e., the PBV is less than one), the stock is deemed to be undervalued and undiscovered. Analysts would concur that the market prices have fallen more than what is justified by the value of the stock, and would consider the price attractive to buy. In a bullish market when prices move up rapidly, the PBV would go up, indicating rich valuation in the market. However, please note that there may be other reasons for a stock being sold for less than its book value such as the poor investments made by the firm in the past which needs to be written down subsequently. Hence investors should not rely only on PBV for their investment decisions and should understand that not all stocks that trade at a discount on their book values are bargains (undervalued). Since the national language of India is Hindi, there are many advisory firms that provide share market tips in Hindi.

Affordable housing segment across India : Xrbia Builders

Will infuse ₹500 crore of equity capital into 12 ventures
Mumbai-based real estate firm XRBIA Developers, which has till now been focussing on Maharashtra, intends to launch affordable housing projects across India, founder Rahul Nahar told BusinessLine on Friday.

The five-year-old company intends to launch projects in Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru, to fulfil its vision of developing ‘100 future-ready cities by 2030’, Nahar said.

He added that the firm isn’t looking to go public for funding purposes.

“We have a great relationship with public sector banks for raising funds,” he said.

XRBIA’s projects are being envisioned as technologically advanced and environment friendly, in accordance with the expectations of the next generation of home owners, Nahar said.

The company has already completed 18 projects with 40,000 houses across Maharashtra. Xrbia builders has achieved the target of selling 2,000 units every month in the beginning of the year ,and has an ambitious target of fulfilling sales worth $1 billion in 2017, Nahar said.

“We are in talk with 12 prospective partners all over India. This year, we will infuse ₹500 crore into these 12 ventures as equity capital. We will enter into partnerships with local companies to fulfil our project targets,” Nahar said.

The real estate business, however, is taking a hit from several quarters, not least of which are the lack of availability of long-term capital and the manual registration process, he added.

The introduction of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) could also create a supply-side bottleneck, he feels.

“With the implementation of RERA, the responsibilities of the developers increase, leading to supply-side reduction as well as increase in home prices.”

Plumbing Repair: Choose The Best Plumber For Your Plumbing Service

Everybody plans to never require the administrations of a handyman however chances are that inevitably you will. It’s best to fine a decent handyman some time before a particular issues emerge. Having a trustworthy plumbing temporary worker in the prompt enables you to redress any plumbing issues in your home or business all the more rapidly and effortlessly.

That being stated, numerous individuals just start searching for a handyman after a pipe has broken or when their cellar has started loading with water. Such crises leave negligible time for appropriately exploring and screening plumbing applicants. It can be hard to guarantee you get the ideal individual for the activity when you’re conflicting with the clock.

Regardless of whether you’re familiar with doing different home upgrades or repair ventures yourself, there are times while enlisting a qualified, prepared proficient is the correct strategy. As a general rule, any sort of plumbing issue is one of the circumstances that you should contract another person to carry out the activity. As prepared experts, handymen are for the most part equipped for taking care of most any kind of plumbing issues that may come up. That being stated, not all handymen are equivalent. Some are preferred qualified over others, and there are various points of interest you ought to consider before contracting a handyman.

The procedure you ought to experience to pick a handyman is the same regardless of in case you’re looking previously or after an issue emerges. Adhering to this procedure however much as could reasonably be expected will reduce your odds of misunderstanding the individual for the activity or getting a handyman that is basically not dependable.


Numerous individuals get data on great handymen by approaching other individuals they know for referrals. Mortgage holders, building contractual workers and investment property proprietors, and land experts are generally superb wellsprings of referral data. You can likewise locate some incredible online assets for finding handymen.


Regardless of whether you locate a handyman through an individual referral or an outsider posting administration like those on the web, you’ll have to direct a meeting and some examination on the individual or plumbing organization to guarantee that you get somebody who is fit for finishing work successfully and productively. Your meeting and research will uncover the handyman’s notoriety, evaluating, instruction and experience.

Aptitudes and Abilities

You’ll know the sorts of plumbing work they are fit for dealing with. You’ll know whether they can do just littler scale plumbing repairs in Dubai or on the off chance that they have the information and experience to finish vast scale establishment activities or complex fundamental repairs.

Experience and Expertise

So as to be authorized as a handyman and safeguarded as a temporary worker, a handyman must have some noteworthy experience. A few handymen work with a group, expediting different contractual workers to work your home or business repair or change venture. You’ll have to guarantee that all individuals from the team have the proper experience to deal with the current task.

Getting an Estimate

Most handymen charge a hourly expense for work finished. Numerous individuals wrongly hire the handyman with the most minimal hourly rate. Despite the fact that this may appear the least expensive course to take, it can frequently reverse discharge, bringing about higher charges for the whole task. The most ideal approach to settle on a contracting choice is to get a point by point evaluate from a few handymen and analyze the hourly rates, any extra work costs, cost of materials required, and the time allotment for finishing the work.

A few handymen charge a level expense for particular sorts of occupations. This sort of charge calendar can frequently be more affordable than procuring a contractual worker that charges a hourly expense. Despite the sort of expense plan a handyman utilizes, you’ll have to get a composed gauge from every handyman you’re thinking about and contrast those appraisals all together with get the most ideal individual for the activity and the most focused valuing, with no shrouded charges.

Notoriety and References

Outstanding amongst other approaches to locate a decent handyman is to request referrals from different mortgage holders or business administrators. Looking on the web benefit catalogs is another technique for finding various contractual workers and to decide whether some other clients have given criticism on the handyman with respect to past occupations finished. On the off chance that you get a referral then you definitely know the individual has served another person all around ok to warrant that referral, however in the event that you find out about a handyman through an online administration catalog or something like that, at that point you’ll need to check their notoriety.

Once you’ve discovered a rundown of handymen to consider, you’ll need to request references. They ought to have the capacity to furnish you with the names and contact data for past clients who will address their capabilities and polished skill. You ought to likewise check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure the handyman is on favorable terms with the association and that no objections have been documented against him.

Assurances and Warranties

An expert handyman who does quality work will have the capacity to ensure that work for an adequate time frame and offer you a guarantee. Most temporary workers offer a 30 to 90 day guarantee, however some plumbing administrations will stretch out that time period up to quite a long while. In the event that the individual does not offer a certification, at that point you should reconsider before getting his administrations. A decent handyman will constantly offer to settle an issue that may come about because of his mistake.

What is Mobile Repairing?

In 21 century, mobile phones are very common. With them being handled in our daily life, there is no doubt that sometimes our mobile phones will need repair. You sometimes need to format your mobile phones and some other time they require specialized care in case of damaged screens, chip issues or software crash.

Mobile phones house a complex technology but the good thing is that every person can be able to learn the science behind it and be a mobile expert. It requires a combined effort of duty, responsibility, skills, and execution to be an expert in this field. You need several skills in order to pursue a career in mobile repairing: Good communication skills, analyzing skills, Hands-on working ability, problem-solving skills, and more importantly awareness about the latest technology.

There are very many courses online but there are just a few that can give you a comprehensive course and a clear picture of your success. Training in mobile repairing gives exposure to the students. They get the basics in phone technology and components in mobile phones, tools that are necessary for repairing mobile phones and many more.

Mobile repairing is a skill-oriented course and therefore it focuses more on developing skills that are necessary for the task. It is a skill that requires a combination of several equipment and tools to make the task at hand a success. When you are selecting mobile repairing tools and equipment, you need to select the best tools in the market. If you get cheap tools, then it is likely that they will fail you.

In order to be able to repair mobile phones, you need a very sophisticated knowhow of smartphones, how they work and also have an understanding of their internal components. Some of the most cases of phone repair are Screen repair, Microphone repair, Touchpad repair, keypad repair and many more.

There are several mobile repairing tools that are available in the market. The most common and the highly used tools include:

Soldering Iron

This is a very useful tool that is used to solder diode, resistor, regulator, capacitor and many more small internal components. However, there are several soldering iron tools available on the market. However, you are supposed to select the one that is easy to hold and doesn’t burn your hands. It comes in different shapes and sizes and therefore you have a wide selection to choose from.

Soldering Station

This equipment is equally important for mobile phone repairs. Its main work is to adjust the temperature depending on the head requirements during soldering.

Solder Wire

This is a very useful part of mobile repairing toolbox. It is used to solder components in the internal structure of phones. However, you need to get a solder wire that is led free following the hazardous effects.

Blade Cutter

This cutter is used to take out lamination with jumper wires. However, this is not the only use, it can be used to open the case and many more purposes. There are very many tools such as Jumper wire, Point cutter, Nose cutter, Precision screwdriver, and Brush, Multimeter and battery booster among many more.

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Dry Brushing For Skin: Benefits & Technique

The dry brush massage is an excellent way to remove the dead upper cell layers of the skin and significantly improve their blood circulation through strong friction. Dry brushing has a positive impact on the body. It affects the physical and mental well-being.

Dry brushing is a good way to stimulate these capillaries and promote the movement of lymphatic fluid. In this way, the lymph fluid can be transported to the liver and successfully eliminated from the body.

Benefits of Dry Brushing


Dry brushing is especially necessary and helpful when muscular tension or circulatory disorders of the skin impair performance and well-being.  Many potential benefits of dry brushing are numerous.

  • Increases the activity of the whole organism through the skin
  • Removes dead cell layers of the skin
  • Cleanses and opens the pores. This allows the skin to better fulfill its function as the most important metabolic and excretory organ.
  • Blood circulation to the skin much stronger. This causes a pleasant-warm feeling, makes you happier and happier.
  • Stimulates the blood circulation,
  • Increases the blood flow, skin gets a fresh healthy look again
  • Tightens skin with orange peel, smoothes problem areas, preserves youthful skin texture. As cellulite accumulates toxic fats, dry brush massage actively helps to dissolve these structures so that they can be removed from the body via the excretory ducts
  • Reduces pollutant load by supporting detoxification
  • Tightens hanging skin
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Supports digestion and healthy kidney function.
  • Has an invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, performance enhancing and overall organism
  • Leads to a physical and mental well-being.
  • Keeps the body healthy, so that it copes better with all efforts.

When No Dry Brushing Should Be Done


The beneficial effects of dry brush massage are misapplied by the risk of injury: patients with skin rashes, purulent skin inflammations, suspected infectious diseases, with varicose veins, prone to phlebitis, should refrain from the skin dry brushing. Dry brushing is also not recommended for fresh injuries, ligament and muscle tears and bruising.

Avoid synthetic bristles, they are usually too hard and can hurt the skin.

The dry brush massage is best done in the morning before getting up in bed or before the daily shower. A dry brush massage in the evening could prove to be too stimulating and disturb the healthy sleep.

Skin Dry Brushing Technique


Brush the skin at least once a day for two to 20 minutes, ideally in the morning before showering. The best results are achieved when the skin is dry, not damp or sweaty. In the first few days, the message is started for a short time on individual parts of the body in order to gradually switch to the full-body massage, increasing the duration of the message.

Start with your feet and brush your legs up, toward the heart. In the area of the chest or abdomen, the line should be circular in a counterclockwise direction. be. (Earlier, one pleaded in the chest area for horizontal strokes to the heart. According to the latest findings, you can also easily guide the brush in a circle.) Next, focus on the back with upward movements. Finally, brush your hands, arms, and chest. Sensitive areas like the face will save you NFMGame- Download Free Games.

Other users recommend starting with the legs, followed by the arms and then in the order of the back and the abdomen, finally the breasts. Move the brush slowly with long and large strokes or circular strokes with constant vigorous pressure. Each brush stroke should be repeated three to five times.

For the first four or five sessions you should only brush lightly over the entire skin surface; later you can brush stronger – depending on skin sensitivity. Do not brush so intensively that the skin becomes reddened or irritated. They want to stimulate them, not hurt them. It is particularly beneficial to complete the brush massage by stroking with the hand. The brushing of the back requires the help of a partner unless you have a brush with style.

For the skin dry brushing of the whole body about 10 minutes are needed with exact execution.