Horse Racing as a Sport – A Few Key Things to Know to Master it

If you are a horse racing enthusiast but do not know about the critical aspects of it, this article will help you learn some basics. This sport, which synchronizes the efforts of man and animal alike, is one of the most followed and accepted racing sports event in the world. To master the game, it is worth to understand the basics of racing before hitting the stands. This article will also help the tourists who plan to visit the major horse racing venues in the country.

Horseracing has its rhythm and language when compared to many other sporting events. If you are heading to a racing track for the first time, then you need to collect all valuable information about the races you are planning to attend. For this, you can try to gather race cards, which gives information about the races, horses, timings, and other essentials. There are many online portals too which are purely meant for horse racing to share every possible information with racing enthusiasts.

Horse Racing

Visiting a course on race day

  • Seating

The first thing you may do on arriving the stadium is to find an appropriate seating. You may have to pay extra to get into reserved seating or to view it from the club house. Most of the race tracks will be having box seats. Once if seated comfortably with a good view of the track and finish line, experts suggest that you should take some time to learn the track program and check out the racing horses.

  • Paddock

Paddock is the place where the pre-race saddling of the horses is done. After saddling, usually, the horses are taken for a lap around the ring where the spectators can have an excellent look at the horse to select the one which they want to follow. An ideal horse to choose will be the one which is:

  • Relaxed, yet alert.
  • Light and loose on its feet.
  • Not excessively sweating.
  • With a shiny finish and readiness to race.

Horse Racing

Racing terminology

Here are some keywords which will play handy when you are the race course.

  • Horse – Male horse which is non-gelded and more than five years of age.
  • Juvenile – Horse of 2 years of age.
  • Dam – Horse mother
  • Sire – Father of a horse.
  • Distaff – Race of female horses.
  • Maiden race – A race conducted for the horses which never won a race.
  • Marathon race – Race held for a distance of 1.25 miles or farther.
  • Route – Race covering a distance of 1 mile or longer.
  • Sprint – Race held over a distance of less than a mile.
  • Stakes – A premium race contested by top-rated horses.
  • Broodmare – Breeding female horses.
  • Colt – Non-gelded male horse of age lesser than five years.
  • Filly – Female horse of age less than five.
  • Foal – A horse from its time of birth until January 1st of the next calendar year.
  • Gelding – Male horse after castration.

There are many websites, forums, and social media groups online dedicated to horse racing where you can get plenty of information related to the leading horses, horse race schedules, tickets, and a lot of other valid information about this great exciting sport.

Horse Racing

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