By this stage of our technological development everybody should know that most games which you can play at the casino are designed to make you lose and because of pop culture if you had to ask anyone what game you have the best chance at winning and why, they will most likely say that the game is either Black Jack or Texas Hold’em poker.

The reason why they chose Black Jack is that if you have the intellect you can end up counting cards (which is now very hard to do in a casino) and in a game of poker you have more control of the outcome because you have more control during the game.

You are able to influence other players, which if you are really good at social manipulation then you will be able to force the weaker players to fold and doubt good hands through a well-timed bluff or you can “bait” other players in order to make sure that you get the maximum earning you can get from the game.

One thing that everybody will tell you when you tell them that you are going to the Casino, is that when you start winning you need to stop.

This can get quite annoying because in most cases you can’t just stop, you can win everything in a blink of an eye and you can lose everything in a blink of an eye as well so it is all dependent on the nature of the game you are playing.

Why do people go to the Casino?

One of the most common if not the next reason besides from trying to win the jackpot that people use when asked about why they go to the casino is for the social atmosphere, which we can’t deny is pretty amazing, there is often a really good vibe happening at casinos.

How to make sure you end up winning while at the Casino

To find out what you should do as a player in order to increase your chances at winning while you visit one of your favorite casinos, we spoke to an ex-casino manager and these are the points he gave us;

  • Don’t play Keno – According to our ex-manager when you choose to play Keno your chances are stack against you by a massive 35% edge to the house and the chance you have of winning is 1 in 3,5 quintillion as no player has ever matched 20 numbers on the 20 spot card.
  • Next, stay away from the bright lights -The way that casinos are designed is to attract you to the games which have the highest odds against you, the way you are attracted by the casino is by loud music and bright lights if you want to win go to the darker side of the room.
  • Lastly, make sure you have a watch – One thing that you need is a watch as casinos don’t keep the time on purpose in order to keep you for as long as possible.
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