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2018 Most Popular Laptop Brands


2018 Most Popular Laptop Brands


Need of Laptop in Current Era

As time is going, technology progress is increasing but laptop industry is one of the top growing technology in modern era as well as mobile. In 2018, laptop is the need of any person who is educated or not because people use laptops in office or home. Some people use laptop for working purpose and some use for watching video.

Which Are The Best Laptop Manufacturers

There are lots of companies which are manufacturing the latest and top quality laptop brands in 2018. As need of laptops increasing day by day, lots of manufacturers are coming in this industry every day because this technology becoming the way of lots of money. See the Top laptop manufacturers list 2018 following,

1 – Lenovo Laptop Company

2 – Asus Laptop Company

3 – Dell Laptop Company

4 – HP Laptop Company

5 – Apple Laptop Company

6 – Acer Laptop Company

7 – MSI Laptop Company

8 – Razer Laptop Company

9- Samsung Laptop Company

10 – Microsoft Laptop Company

List Of latest Top Most Popular Laptop Brands 2018

There are lots of latest top quality laptop brands in the market but we are posting following latest each laptop brand of above each company with specification,

1 – Lenovo ThinkPad A475

ThinkPad A475 is one of the leading laptop brand of Lenovo because it is most reliable for any person because of following its features,

1 – Processor – Up to 7th Gen AMD Pro A12-9800B

2 – OS – Windows 10 Pro

3 – Camera – 720p HD camera

4 – Memory – Up to 32GB DDR4 1866 MHz

5 – Storage – Up to 512 GB OPAL PCIe M.2 SSD

Up to 1 TB HDD

6 – Battery – Standard internal 23 Whr & rear swappable up to 48 Whr, for up to 10.2 hours of battery life

7 – Color – Black

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2 – ZenBook Laptop – It is the brand of Asus Laptop Company which is the more popular as dell and others but if you want to see the specification find more information following,

ZenBook – Specifications

CPU     0.80-GHz Intel Core M 5Y10

Warranty/Support       Standard 1 year

Size      12.75 x 8.89 x 0.48-inches

Weight            2.64-pounds

Company Website       www.asus.com

Follow The New Laptop Brands Ranking for All Manufacturer

There are lots of laptop designing company but we are giving ranking to all companies see below:-

Lenovo Laptop Company – 3 Nomber

Asus Laptop Company  10 Nomber

Dell Laptop Company 1 Nomber

HP Laptop Company 2 Nomber

Apple Laptop Company 4 Nomber

Acer Laptop Company 5 Nomber

MSI Laptop Company 9 Nomber

Razer Laptop Company 8 Nomber

Samsung Laptop Company 7 Nomber

Microsoft Laptop Company 6 Nomber

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