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How to Become a Successful Tutor?


How to Become a Successful Tutor?


We all want to get some extra money. Some people often suggest you adopt tutoring. But maybe you are pretty skeptical. Perhaps you were thinking that tutoring is for professional, excellent teachers and smart people. In my opinion, any one can become a successful tutor if he or she enjoys teaching and ready to accept new challenges. Here are some tricks to becoming a successful tutor by Tutor Choice.

1. Discover your “specialty.”

The first step is to decide which the subjects you are good at are and which age group you can manage to teach. So, to figure out your specialties is important.  For example, you can choose to be as a “K-5 math tutor.” This will be quite easy and comfortable for you to handle. Know your audience students and see their interests. You can also enhance your teaching methods and subject areas. In terms of the rate that you are going to charge, it depends on who your customer base is and your location. However, the rate can vary. Still. You can set an initial rate touching the higher limit because it will automatically shift to the lower end if your customers ask you to low the price.

2. Promote, promote, promote

Just as lawncare, babysitting, etc., the better way to promote your tutoring business is word of mouth. Focus on offering quality services. If you are good enough people will automatically talk about you and tell their friends and people in their neighborhood. Also, use some other methods to promote yourself as a tutor. Put the flyers/signs in educational institutions and your business will grow. Also, put your flyers/signs in neighborhood clubhouses/pools.

3. Be professional

After sometimes you start your career, now you need to offer your best self to your potential clients. Be professional in your e-mails. The more professional you act, the more people you can attract. For example, follow this given format

Many thanks,

John Smith
(123) 456-7890

This would help you a lot.

4. Build a relationship with the parent

Be humble and polite to the parents of the child, your client. Reply them quickly on their calls, texts, and emails. Besides, make it sure that you are going through proper scheduling. Make it priority to follow the parent’s schedule rather than yours. Be flexible and meet the parents whenever possible. Ask them the following questions:

  • What should I do to help your child in his/her academic career?
  • Do you have particular materials and specific plan you would like me to use?
  • Does your child enjoy learning/tutoring with me?
  • What you want and what are your realistic expectations for guidance?
  • Would you like me to discuss with your student’s instructor about what we should focus on?

5. Build a relationship with the student

Last but not least to be a successful tutor you must have to maintain genuine relationships with your student. Before starting work, talk to your student and understand them. Know about their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

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