How to Enable WhatsApp Text Status Feature

Are you tired of seeing all those black pictures with words scrolled on them on WhatsApp Statuses? If you are like the rest of us, then you will love WhatsApp’s new update. Since the acquisition by Facebook Inc, WhatsApp has been actively involved in rolling out updates. Despite the Status feature receiving heavy criticism, it has eventually been accepted and is being used increasingly frequently now.

In Case You Missed It

WhatsApp started the new ‘Status’ update a while back and it was nestled between chats and calls. In which you can upload the downloaded videos and images as status. You could see the statuses that your contacts posted as well as post one yourself from the new status feature. And following this update, the text status which was typically started by WhatsApp came back on popular-demand. Following this, the new status update had recently rolled out.  The update was stated as a new way for the iOS and Android users, who account for 250 million monthly users, could express themselves.

Features of the New WhatsApp Text Status Update:

WhatsApp has included the following features in its new update.

  • It is possible to choose who can see the Status and who will receive the update. It can be modified in the privacy settings and can be shared only with selected contacts, shared with all contacts except selected contacts or can be shared with all contacts.
  • It is possible to see who has recently seen the status and even to reply to the status.

Now these are Status features. There are some features typical of the text update. It includes a colorful background and a range of fonts along with stickers and doodles.

Activating the Status Feature

To activate the Text Status Feature, there are a few things you require.  The first one is an Android phone or an iOS phone.  The second requirement is connection to the internet.

Step 1: Connect to the internet. Use your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Go to the Play Store in Android and to the App Store in an iPhone.

Step 3: Go to ‘My Apps’ and update WhatsApp.

There isn’t any particular process involved in activating it. Simply updating the app will activate it automatically.

Using the New Status Feature

Once WhatsApp is updated, open your app and swipe to the left to the Status Tab. You can see a new icon which has a pencil, towards the lower right corner. Tapping that icon will create a colored background.  In this background, you can type your text and can choose between fonts. The background color can also be changed suitably. There can also be stickers and doodles that can be added to the status. It is also possible to add links on the WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp reportedly has over 1 billion subscribers and around 50 billion messages get sent on a daily basis. These statistics have made it the most popular messaging app. And the company also seems to be involving constantly, from the text-only status to the image and video statuses and finally back to the text status, but with a modern twist.


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