SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, this is the process of making a web page rank higher in search engine results. This way, the page can be more visible. SEO is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing for top app development companies. There are tremendous benefits to using this tool for businesses, but also it comes with its downsides.

Below are 10 pros and cons of Search Engine Optimization for mobile app development company;

1. Increased traffic:

This is the most important benefit of employing Search Engine Optimization for your mobile app development company website. We are currently in the digital age where millions of people go online to communicate, transact business and source for information. Any business that does not have an online presence will have a less competitive advantage compared to one that has. The success of any business that is online is dependent on the traffic the website enjoys. With Search Engine Optimization, a website will be able to rank higher in organic search, increasing its visibility, and improving the promotion of its goods and services. Search Engine Optimization works basically on the premise that the higher a website is ranked in the search engine result, the greater the probability of its visit.

2. High return on investment:

Search Engine Optimization offers a high return on investment. When you are listed at the top of search result, you won’t need to pay for every click or make a huge budget for advertising. Search engine optimization cost very little, but it gives much more than it takes. It does not work like paid ads. It does not stop working because you have stopped paying. With Search Engine Optimization you take away the need for your mobile app development company to have multiple ads on the web.

3. Targeted traffic:

It is one thing to have millions of visitors each month, it is yet another to have quality traffic. Search engine optimization brings about quality traffic, it targets users who are actively looking for your product(s) or company. This way the rate of conversion is higher. This is a highly cost-effective technique that is beneficial particularly to small mobile app development company that has modest advertising capacity.

4. Increased site usability:

Part of the functions of Search Engine Optimization is to make the site easily accessible and navigable for search engine crawlers. But it doesn’t stop at this, it also makes your website more navigable for users. This is achieved by the rearrangement of your pages, links, and the entire site architecture. This way, it will be easier to find and navigate. This will be beneficial for both search engine and users as well.

5. Improved brand awareness:

Search Engine Optimization brings about an improved brand awareness. Users are more inclined to trust a mobile app development company that appears top in search results than another that appears on the third page. They would rather choose to do business with top ranking sites than bottom ranking ones. There is this silent believe that before such sites could rank so high they must have been deemed credible by many people.

It also translates to greater exposure for your brand. The higher your pages rank in search engine result, the greater the chance of users seeing your content and associating it with your brand.

Now we have discussed the pros of using search engine optimization for your mobile app development company campaign effort, now let’s discuss the cons of employing this technique as compared to using another marketing campaign technique.

1. SEO takes time:

This is perhaps the most noticeable and popular con of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization takes time before it starts to generate tangible results. For your pages and links to rank high in results, they would need to be indexed by search engines. This process can take hours, days or weeks. If what you need is a campaign with immediate results, then search engine optimization is not what you are looking for.

2. It takes time for return on investment:

Since it takes time for search engine optimization to effect a noticeable result, it also means that it would take time to achieve a good return on investment. This may not be a problem for medium to big mobile app development company as they can invest comfortably in this campaign on a long/short-term basis. But for small businesses that need every available money to run operations and rotate funds, this may present a problem.

3. It may cost more than you bargain for:

If you are operating in a highly competitive niche than Search Engine Optimization would not be as straightforward as just installing a couple of plugins. You may actually have to employ the services of an expert to build organic links for you.

4. There is no assurance:

Search Engine Optimization is not exactly a new thing anymore, many other competitors are employing it in the promotion of their businesses. The implication of this is that there are no guarantees that you will land on the first page of a search result using the keywords targeted for. The first page is a gold mine when it comes to search engine results, no one really cares about what is going on in the second, third or whatever page. They are regarded as the graveyard of search result. So everyone is competing for that first page. There are no certainties you will be among the lucky ones.

5. You have no full control:

It is really unclear how Google algorithm works. This is the technology behind Google search pages ranking and indexing. What you think matters most may turn out not to be. This is unlike paid marketing where you can expect, and get, results that are inconsonant with what you paying for.

Search engine optimization remains one of the most effective online marketing techniques geared at increasing the traffic on your website. Just like everything in existence, there are pros and cons attached, just as listed above for SEO. This, however, is not to discourage you but to help you to be better positioned to use this marketing technique in a better context. Now you know the strength and weakness, this choice is now yours if you will focus solely on this technique or will employ other marketing tools in the realization of your goal.


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