In today’s world where everything is connected to the internet, social media platforms are attracting billions of users from all around the world. When it comes to top social media platforms the picture sharing website Instagram is right there, and it is progressing very quickly as well. Instagram gave its users a unique app using which they could share their favorite moments with their friends and families, but now it is more than that. With social media marketing attracting lots of brands and businesses towards Instagram, it has made Instagram a great platform for promoting. Not only you can market your business on Instagram, but you can also drive traffic to your websites using Instagram if you are smart enough. So you can start an Instagram profile for your website right now, but you will have to work smart and gain followers on Instagram fast so you can drive them to your website.

Drive Traffic from Instagram

#1 Add your website link to your bio

If you want to dive your Instagram traffic to your website, then you will have to start with basic and most simple things. The first one of those things is adding URL of your website in your bio. Now Instagram is a platform which lets you post a web URL only in your bio description. You cannot add your website link to your every post. So make sure you are placing your website URL in the bio, and you are also telling people in your bio about your website. If your followers do not even have a link how will they know where to go?

#2 Add strong Call to action in your posts

The other basic and important thing which helps you in driving more traffic from Instagram to your website is a good call to actions in your posts. When you are posting pictures on Instagram, you add a call to action like comment on the picture, etc. so in this case you can add a call to action like “visit our website in bio” which can tell people what to do next. When people see posts, they do not know where to go next unless you tell them, so it is important that you add a good call to action to your images.

#3 Make exciting videos and add URL in them

Quite recently Instagram has increased the video limit length for its users, and since then people have been posting quite a lot of video. To use this feature to your advantage of driving traffic to your website you need to make an interesting video related to your niche. When people see good videos, they will get curious and to add more sugar to it; you can post your website link on the video screen. So if the users are pleased with the video, they will pay a visit to your website. This way of driving the audience to your Instagram has proved quite useful.

#4 Work with Instagram influencers

If you are looking to promote your website and you are in a hurry you can always count on Instagram influencers. Instagram influencers are usually people with a huge fan following on Instagram, and when they promote your product, service or website, people listen to them. So to promote through influencers first, you need to make sure that the influencer you are collaborating with is related to your niche. Later you can pay them for promoting your website, and if your website is business related, you can offer them free products or services.

Drive Traffic from Instagram

#5 Put watermark on your images

You might have noticed when someone posts a compelling picture on Instagram it is often stolen, and people start posting it on their profiles. So if your content is good enough and you upload attractive pictures, it is smart to add a watermark to those pictures. With watermark even when people start stealing your photos, and they start posting it your identity is still intact due to the watermark. So make sure you add a watermark to all your images. Do not add a very small watermark as it can also be removed do not add the watermark on the whole image as it makes it look bad.

Instagram has millions of users, and you can always count on it when it comes to driving traffic. Many brands and big websites have achieved a lot of success from this.


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