How to Secure Your Dedicated Servers from Hack-Proof

Take a security policy first for your secure business. While dedicated servers offer a host of advantages over other web hosting options, it is also a likely target for hackers. Therefore, securing your servers must be paramount. Failure to do so may result in irreparable loss of business and credibility as in the following example how the process will go on in hacking system of client business.


Customer “A” buys the web hosting package

The client uploads financial data to the server 

Predatory hacker infiltrates poorly secured data

Subsequent damage could destroy the business of Client “A”

Hacker installs monitoring software and recovers all sensitive data


Here are 6 ways to protect your dedicated server from the hacking.

  1. SSL and firewall

A firewall is a program that is a barrier between your local network and the Internet. SSL is used whenever authentication and data protection are required. While the firewall prevents incoming malicious code, SSL allows you to send and receive encrypted data.

A firewall is essential to avoid denial of service attacks. Equip your servers with SSL in the built-in firewall for added security.

  1. Intrusion protection system

IPS is an advanced protection system that works in tandem with the firewall. It analyzes inbound traffic at the source and only allows real traffic. While the firewall responds to hacking attempts, IPS is proactive in that it makes automated decisions such as blocking traffic at the source, resetting the connection, sending an alarm to the user, administrator, etc.

  1. Secure passwords

Choosing a common password is a deadly mistake that many people will make it, Brute force techniques can easily detect such passwords. The strongest passwords are a random combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, mixed with special characters and numbers. So, hackers cannot find such type of passwords they enable to track it.

  1. IP Whitelisting

The IP whitelist prevents unnecessary traffic from accessing your server. The IP whitelist basically means providing access to certain IP addresses. Therefore, the server is accessible only by reliable and verified IP addresses.

  1. Script Updates

Always make sure your server scripts are up to date. These scripts and applications are responsible for the operation of the internal dynamics of a server. An updated script is usually the result of security vulnerabilities exposed in the previous version.

  1. Server management

The physical management of the server must be taken into account. The components must be carefully maintained for optimum performance. Unauthorized physical access to the server can be catastrophic.

A good reseller not only allows you to get a personalized cPanel, but also secures your server and network through various techniques such as IP blocking, spamming and mod security. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for professional hosting providers or resellers as they are responsible for hardware, software, system maintenance, technical support, monitoring, and updates.

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