SEO is the key to the success of website to pop in search engines and to be ranked in top place. SEO plays a vital role in the optimization of pages in search engines and optimizers have to follow so many advanced technologies. In order to compete with other optimizers to provide the best services to customers and to satisfy them, here are listed some of the most important techniques and activities to be followed in the optimization of pages.

Fast loading pages:

In SEO activities, fast loading pages will satisfy the customer to visit the companies or Bloggers pages regularly. In this fast world technology, everyone wants to complete everything fast, based on these loading pages quickly makes the customers happy. By curb downing, all the unnecessary things on the page can make a page to load fast.

Mobile Trending Websites:

Mobile optimization is different from desktop optimization. The users of mobile incredibly large all over the world, when compared to desktop users, for that reason getting optimization to the page in the view of Mobile optimization makes good traffic. To check the mobile ranking of a page can get accessed by Keyword rank checker from SE Rankings.

Long Tail Keywords:

In SEO another important factor is Keywords to the page. There will be two different keywords are there one is long tail keywords and another one is short head keywords. Using long tail keywords rather than short head keywords results in good traffic to the pages, because long tail keywords will be descriptive, which makes users understand easily.

Unique Content:

For a page or a website, the most important thing is the content that sited on the page. Providing the best and unique content to the page makes readers attracted to the page easily and results in good traffic. Even write small but it must be effective to catch the readers view and if required hire writers to the page for quality results.

Local Optimization:

Optimizing the pages according to local searches gives good result in traffic. Optimizing the page in a specified country or region makes the page to be popular. By surfing the net can acquire so many sites which show rankings of Local SEO Services results, by following them one can place their page according to the popular trending items in that specified area.

Updating the Pages:

By updating the old pages randomly makes the customers not to lose hope on the page. The optimizer has to refresh the data in old pages seasonal and getting updated them with if any changes required to the page according to the present situation of that time.

Link Building:

Link building is also one of the major factors in SEO of the page. Link building Services means surfing between the pages, for example, if one writer written about mobile phone and writer placed the link to Wikipedia of the mobile phone on that page. It makes feel comfort to the user to get fast to the matter they need. Even Google said that link building plays a vital role in SEO.

Voice Search:

The technology is elevating day by day with different types of equipment. Recently search engines came up with voice search, people are also using fast and easy technique that’s why enabling the page for voice searches also sounds well in traffic. But the keywords must be conversational because of the keywords mostly in a conversational way in voice searches.

Website to https//:

Search engines recognize the pages which are built with the https:// makes trust of them more when compared to http. In SEO mostly pages are built in with the https:// because it secures the web pages data, connections and other details on the page. That’s why most search engines recognize the safe secured ways in order to overcome threats.

Social Media Optimization:

SMO is a part of SEO; SMO means Social Media Optimization here the optimizers use social media as a medium to popularise the website. Social Media Optimization Services plays a vital role in popularising new and surprising issues in society. For that reason, optimizers use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, in order to publish about business, start up companies etc.

Attract all search engines:

Don’t think of Google is only the search engine there are different search engines are available like Bing, Yahoo! etc, the page must be optimized to go ride on all search engines to attract all users to become a best-ranked website. It will make the website to place at top of the search engine and top SEO ranking.

Featured Snippets:

Snippets also play a crucial role in making a website to be popular. Snippets will help the user to understand the query shortly if the user was interested in and the user will get into the website. But snippets must be created technically by thinking like a user.

Experience the user:

The user is the main for the website or a page because of them only pages or sites get popular. The optimizer should think like a user in order to gain best results. Through assistance, an optimizer can take the reviews of people to know the pros and cons of sites or pages. By following the guidelines of users, it results in more traffic to page.

Own SEO:

SEO is the most important factor to the website. Doing SEO on own can make best results because many SEO optimizing companies offer SEO to websites but there will be no guarantee it produces best or not. In such cases studying and researching in deep about SEO and assisting theirs own a website can give good results. Even though it is tough but it is better to own their website or hiring best-optimizing company.


Above listed so many techniques and purposes about key factors of SEO shortly and there uses in SEO. By assigning all the techniques to websites or web pages will depict good traffic and revenue to the sites. But not only these, there are many opportunities are available for the best SEO.

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