With today’s world of well-priced website hosting options, it is almost a no-brainer to make use of an online store for your company.

There are lots of options available for you to make use of including your own online store and paying a webmaster to maintain and keep your site up to date.

Which option should you choose to start with?

From personal experience, it is better to host your own site, as both a blogger and a webmaster it works out cheaper for you host your own website, as it narrows down a whole list of possibilities.

By choosing to host your own website you are choosing to have total control of your own website, so if your website needs to be updated you can do it right away, without having to contact a third party web developer in order for the site to be updated.

Another thing that hosting your own site decreases is the amount of money which you will need to invest in the website.

This means that your own fees will be webhosting, the cost of the domain, the price of the theme and the cost of the payment gateway which is taken off whenever someone buys your product.

If you choose to make use of an external web developer, you can end up paying a hefty fee for every time you want to make changes to the site, which stops your online store from evolving.

Another thing that hosting our own site reduces is the amount of human error that is allowed on your site, what this means is if you are looking at releasing a phase 2 of your product range it is often easier to plan and make the changes yourself instead of choosing to make use of a website company.

How should you layout your site?

For example, let’s take a look at Ana Heart Yoga Shop as an example of what your site should look like,

  • The design – Looks good, good spacing, the images are clear and the site has a very clean feel to the site
  • The site has more than one page on it.
  • There is a blog page.

The last two points are really imported, a lot of mistakes that people make is by choosing the wrong platform,to begin with, this can mean that your website is extremely limited to marketing and other marketing strategies.

By choosing to include a Blog into your website you will be able to share news, with your customers and make sure they stay a part of your brand family. Regular blog posts allow your customers to feel connected to you as a person instead of a name behind a brand.

This also allows you to make use of content marketing which is a part or rather a tactic of Search engine marketing, which is vital for your websites improvement and survival within the Google search engine rankings.

There you have it, if you want an online store you should host it yourself.

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