One of the key benefits of Instagram, a benefit that makes it popular and stand out among others, is it’s micro-blogging feature. You can easily make a post of up to 140 characters and start seeing responses from other Instagram users. Top companies like H&R block, Zappos and even Google have Buy Instagram Followers UK of over hundreds of thousands of followers. These companies have mastered how to use the Instagram network to promote their business.

Here are some basic step by step tips if you’re a beginner.

Transfer Your Existing Contact– Most people don’t know this but you can actually transfer your contacts from your Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail email list when you sign up with Instagram. If you’ve built a good relationship with these people, it would be easy to get them to follow you on Instagram.

Optimize Your Profile – Once you’ve got your Instagram users to join you from your email list you’ll want them to have easy access to your website should they decide to buy something or just to get some information. Customize your profile by adding your website link. Instead of starting your web address with “www”, it’s best to use “http” so your Instagram users can easily click through to your site. Additionally, list the common keywords Instagram users can use to find you. Imagine if you’re a Instagram user who wants to find you on the Instagram network using a keyword. List all your keywords on your profile and use colors to match your profile.

Get A Grip On Basics – In Instagram there are certain things you are allowed to do and there are others you must refrain from. One of them is spamming. This is the number one way to scare off Buy Instagram Followers UK and get your account suspended. Post relevant and useful content. You will get better conversion and sales when you make regular and useful posts that relate to the topics that interest people.

Avoid hard selling of any kind – Instead use the 4 and 1 strategy. This means posting 4 relevant and useful posts in the Instagram network, then post 1 sales oriented message. This will help you get better response and followers as they’ll see you’re not all out to make sales off them.

Be part of the Instagram network by contributing and engaging in conversations – When they make a tweet, respond to it and participate. Like any social gathering, avoid letting it be about you. People don’t care what you had for breakfast but news about your son just celebrated his 4th birthday or your daughter riding her bike for the first time makes you a real person who celebrates a real life.

Grow Your List – One of the most creative ways companies use to grow their Instagram network list is by constant invitations for people to follow them on Instagram. They do this by adding a link on their email signatures, websites, web forms, other social media sites and even business cards. The link would say “Follow Me On Instagram “. You too can copy this strategy and begin getting results in no time.

Another thing you can do is to make this same invitation each time you make a post, right at the very end. You can also search for your competitors and follow there Buy Instagram Followers. In turn when they see you are following them, you will follow you in return.

In summary, using Instagram network to build your business is easy so long as you know what you’re doing. If you can help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want from Instagram network.

Glenn Sojourner has more than twenty five years experience as a management consultant working with large major corporations. He has been a success affiliate marketer for the past three years.


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