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4 Key Reasons for developing a mobile app for your restaurant business


4 Key Reasons for developing a mobile app for your restaurant business


4 Key Reasons for developing a mobile app for your restaurant business

Today, where every sector is considering to venture into mobile app development, food and restaurant are such industry that should certainly be leveraging the opportunities that this domain has to offer.

The food sector is that sector which is only going to flourish with time and hence, the question here is that why not integrate technology with it. We are at that technological peak point where our life kind of revolves around technology and especially mobile apps. Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives and not leveraging this platform would be like missing out on a huge audience base and that too, on a very large-scale. Today, people spend over 4 hours a day on their mobile phones where they are generally scourging through apps. Hence, restaurant owners should take this opportunity to be in front of their target audience as they would be able to not only add value to their business but also to their customers’ experience. And the best example of this would be Starbucks who made pre-ordering of coffee possible and super easy for their customers.

Now that being said, let’s look at some more reasons as to why you as a restaurant owner should venture into Mobile App Development for your restaurant business:

For easy bookings: This is perhaps one of the most genuine success indicators for restaurants where we generally take into account the number of customers served every single day. Bookings also indicate the popularity and the sales achieved by the restaurant. See bookings are a very critical aspect where the major drawback would be the “no shows”. Yes, they might indicate a busy banqueting but it is also quite vexing for both the parties (the customers & the restaurant owners). For example, when customers want to book a table they have to wait for someone to answer their call then wait for a proper response (i.e. whether they will be accommodating them or not) along with spelling out name and time a dozen times and getting off the phone in the hopes that they wouldn’t be muddling up the reservation time and date. On the other hand, the restaurant owner has to ensure that someone is always available to answer calls, manage bookings (including the confirmation and cancellation) and jotting down the relevant info.

Here is where online booking through a mobile app will be quite useful as it would eliminate the middleman making it easier for the customers to book their table and for the restaurant owners to manage their bookings. It doesn’t only provide the needed convenience but even saves a lot of time. Your mobile app would also provide you the benefit of sending push notifications where you can send the customers reminders about their bookings and even prompt them to cancel the bookings in case they are not going to make it.

For Expanding Audience Base: According to a research, it has been reported that people between the age of 25-35 years of age use mobile apps to find popular restaurants and order food and most of them also have at least one to two restaurant or food ordering applications in their mobile phone. And hence, getting a mobile app for any restaurant owner has become quite essential as that’s where the majority of the people are looking for quality food ordering services. Along with getting an app, restaurant owners also have to make sure that they offer better services to their customers through these mobile apps.

For Better Discovery: For any restaurant owner who wants to expand their customer base and even their sales need to be in front of their customers whenever their customers are looking for them i.e. they have to be “discoverable”. They not only have to be visible to their new users but even to their existing customers. But by integrating latest mobile apps they can help themselves get discovered by delivering essential info relevant to their restaurant – be it location, contact details and even the menu (with attractive and mouth-watering pictures). Moreover, restaurant owners can even take help of AI to provide their customers a 3D tour of their restaurant.

For Retaining Users: A restaurant app presents many great opportunities to a restaurant owner when it comes to retaining their customers. They can use notifications, loyalty programs, discounts and rewards to retain existing as well as engage new users. No matter whether you have developed an app specifically for the services of your restaurant or solely for booking services you can update your users about new offers & deals by sending push notifications and emails. However, make sure that you personalize the notifications that you send to your users as they would be more grateful for the useful information rather than irritating spam messages.

To sum up, it can be said that the mobile app domain has this and much more to offer to the restaurant owners and the owners must integrate mobile apps into their respective businesses to enhance their services as well as create brand awareness.

Author’s Name: Kinjal Patel

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Kinjal patel is an internet marketing manager and also the co-founder of vrinsoft technology. She is an expert in SEO, SMO, PPC, App Store Optimization etc. She has attended many tech conferences and conducted the technical expos on latest search engine marketing updates. She shares her opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles.

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