The digital outburst had made people addicted to the tech. There have been a plethora of things we have been reading around about the pros and cons of technology. Some people really admire the tech trends while some of them just crib about it. Let’s just not be judgmental about whether it is to be cherished about or to curse about. Its all about self-control, you can pick the good bits and pieces and leave the bad ones aside. When you start listing down the benefits of mobile apps, the first one comes convenience. With mobile apps, you can get your routine tasks done with the single tick of the clock.

Back in the date, you need a travel agent to plan your trip, book your flight, book your hotels and all those stuff. Is it same in the current date? Of course, not. You can do it by yourself sitting right at your home just with mobile and right apps installed therein. You don’t even need to rush to the theaters for buying movie tickets and grabbing your favorite seats, this can be also done right through mobile apps. What else can you do? Grocery shopping, paying electricity bills, table booking at favorite restaurants, and all that you can imagine.

Wanna know the sunshine side apart from convenience? Offers, deals, discounts are the biggest benefits of the apps. Recently Zoutons launched its own mobile app. The apps offer you with discount coupons in varied categories. You can save on your total bills. Well, generally you either make an expenditure or make savings but with Zoutons coupon app, you make savings on your expenditure. Isn’t it amazing? Technology has entirely changed the culture of savings. It has opened the doors to save your money, get some amazing deals on the shopping sites you adore and give your closet a makeover at low cost.

Get your routine stuff home delivered at a discounted price by using coupons from Zoutons. Here are some of the types of discount and offers that Zoutons Android app offers:

1) Percentage-Based Discount

The best ways to offer a discount to the users is percentage based. You can bifurcate the discount between three range, the minor range of discount can be 5% to10%, you can increase the range from 15% to 20% and the third is the massive type of discount which is 40% to 50%.

2) Free Gifts

One of the other ways of offering discount is through offering a free gift with purchase of definite amount. There are two advantages of these free gifts: the first one is to provide customer satisfaction and make them loyal. This can also be an add-on to increase the overall average size of the purchase just to avail the discount. This is beneficial to both the discount giver and discount receiver. Discount giver gets a higher order value and the customer gets more product value at the lower price.

3) Ship The Product for Free

Many service provider includes free shipping as their discount strategy. With the purchase of a specific product from specific stores, the product will be shipped for free.


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