The names are same but the functionalities of both the items are way different than each other.  Many of the people believe that the JavaScript is the part of Java Platform which is completely false. Both the languages have similar names but it doesn’t mean that they have the similar roles too. The JavaScript is a client-side scripting language for HTML, developed by Netscape Inc while Java is a programming language developed by the Sun Microsystems.

Apart from this basic difference, both the languages have numerous differences too. In the next lines of this article, I am going to remove all your confusion regarding the Java and JavaScript so the beginner programmers would not mix both of the languages in the future.


Executions of both the languages are also different from each other. The Java is compiled and interpreted language. To execute it, you have to compile the Java code into the class files containing they bytecode and then get executed by the JVM.

The JavaScript is quite easy to execute and can be done directly through the browser. Moreover, the JavaScript runs inside the browser and every modern browser can support it. On the other hand, the Java needs JDK or JRE for running.

Closures Support:

Another difference between both the languages is their closure support. The JavaScript in the form of anonymous function supports the closures. In the JavaScript, you can pass the function as an argument to another function. Conversely, the Java only supports the closures of the anonymous class because Java doesn’t treat the method as the first class citizen.


The JavaScript doesn’t support the object-oriented programming (OOP) but it does support the class and object. That is why it is also called as the object-oriented scripting language. On the other hand, the Java supports the object-oriented programming language. That is why you can easily construct the structure code of any large functionality application in the Java as compared to the JavaScript. The reason for this comfort in developing big apps is that Java provides much better deployment control using JAR, WAR and EAR.

Static and Dynamic Languages:

Another prominent difference between both the languages is their types. The JavaScript is a dynamic typed language and on the other hand, the Java is static typed language.

Only Right Code Runs Everywhere:

The Java needs to use the bytecode to make it project platform independent so it would not face the issues like browser compatibility. But the JavaScript that runs directly on the browser that is why it may face browser compatibility issue if the codes are not right. For example, certain codes that can run on the Google Chrome may not work on Mozilla or Internet Explorer. This was the major issue why the programmers used to put some extra effort to make the programs of JavaScript compatible to all major browsers. But this issue got resolved after the introduction of the jQuery. The jQuery is that JavaScript library which resolved the browser compatibility for all the web developer once in for all. That is why today every developer prefers to write codes using the jQuery instead of persisting to the old plain JavaScript code.


There are no special rules for the constructor in the JavaScript. The constructors are just like another function in the JavaScript that is why they cannot have a return type and their name must be in class. On the other hand, the Java has special properties for the constructors like constructor chaining. The Java also ensures that the super class constructor always runs before the sub class.


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