A driver is a computer software which helps system will get access to the hardware of a device that is particular. By way of instance, if you purchase a computer, you won’t receive access to its ATI video card if there are no ATI drivers for this. Usually systems have drivers for hardware components that are key and without drivers the machine won’t be able to get the job done. However, for certain devices, by way of instance, an ATI videocard or an HP printer, you might require special ATI drivers and HP drivers, usually supplied by the apparatus manufacturer.

The operating system handles some “virtual apparatus” that understand the typical set of commands. The ATI drivers for videocard interpret commands into commands that the videocard understands right. This ideology is known as “abstraction from hardware”. The driver includes several functions that manage operating system events that are specific. Usually these are 7 Major events:

Here the driver registers in the machine, performs first initialization, etc.. The two Ati driver and HP driver also do so;


The images card/printer drivers. The Start of the main work;

Recording: the application reads or writes information from / to the device serviced by the driver;

Closing: The performance, the opposite of launching, releases the resources which are opened when launching, and destroys the file descriptor;

I/O control. The driver supports an I/O port unique to the device. The program can send a control using.

Drivers, the graphics card and the printer won’t work. The Principle of interaction between the unit and the software is Controlled by documentation device. The requirement for drivers is they must be new in Compliance with the system and conform to the model of this Not just is applied by hardware.This to the OS on the computer, the Driver to be installed and to


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