Ever Musing How Do the Free Applications Make Money

Have you ever thought? This much of applications are bouncing in the mobile app development business. And the IT companies are never showing the tiredness for a while and resting for a day to not have the client. Every company has a bulk amount of projects for the android applications or say for the iOS app development. But why? What can be the reason behind making an app? Which is totally free for the users and increasing number of users will benefit the admin of the app. How can it be possible? Wanna do that?


Let us get in-depth knowledge for the same. What are the important considerations and what can be the possibilities in which the people making an app through the app development companies are getting money?


Well, a quick answer in everyone’s mind saying that the applications can advertise the brand or the products and can earn the money as per the user’s base. And making this the sole option to get the money from an app is absolutely a wrong answer to suggest and think.


Let us see some of the money-making alternatives that only can be earned by the free applications.


In-App Purchases

We often experience the applications having extraneous features with the most needed facilities of ours and we just can not use that. Following the payment being made or an in-app purchase of the premium called or a paid version can unlock the functionalities needed by the user. We are seeing these issues mostly in the games, educational purpose applications,  entertaining and more.


Also, there are gaming apps like Candy Crush Saga giving the extra live purchase within the app only. Likewise, there are many examples. And believe me, people are buying the in-app purchase day by day at the increased level.

There are a lot of iOS applications having paid versions for the specific functionalities. One can hire iOS developers or say an android developer for the Android app development intending to earn from the applications.


Free applications having a paid version to access the additional feature are refereed nowadays as “Freemium”. These apps are followed by a good amount of paid app version.


You can also launch an interesting free version of your app. And then offer a special version with addictive qualities that attract users the most.


Interesting? Of course, it is. Yes, you can be the app owner that users love the most. Call the best mobile app development company in India.


In-App Advertising

We are considering the term”Advertisement” since we are familiar with the television shows. In respect to the tendency, the advertisements have taken the place of the smartphone’s applications. Here it becomes sometimes an alternative to watch and sometimes it is compelled to do so.


Well, making an advertisement does cost a money. And that too, with a massive amount. There are certain business models upon which the advertisements being made as per the application policies.


There are certain parameters in which the advertisements are being made. It can be by clicking an ad or just by seeing it or can be the playing of a video. It can be in many different forms. Also, the advertisements are being live on the applications after making a complete research on the country in which it is being launched and what are the exact target market of the application as well as the advertisement viewers.


Cost Per install Networks (CPI)

It may sound a newbie term in the mobile app development industry but it is making a high five ranking in terms of earning from the mobile apps. Cost per install networks is a payment that you need to make to the companies like Chartboost or Playhaven for the purpose of selling your app.


Here the normal charges for the payment are between the 0.80 dollars to 3.00 dollars. Thye developers are comfortable with this kind of selling app strategy and so they are earning most of the profit consistently with respect to the downloading applications.


Getting App Sponsors

There are a lot more things in the business that are running with the sponsorship. It has been running with the marketing industry for a long time. Because of the sponsors, the money can be up front and sometimes the big sponsorships can revamp the applications image due to their brand name. So the sponsorships become an essential part of the applications monetization.


The thing is to find the proper sponsors which are actually willing to pay the amount. The only thing an app owner need to do is increase the number of users of an app. Because the sponsors will not opt in for the sponsorship until and unless they see the massive amount of users and popularity of the application. The correct analytics of your app will impress sponsors to get invested in your app.



For making money with the mobile applications, one can partner with the company with the similar kind of customer base and core area of interest. Partnership enhances the scope of earning always.


Sometimes it happens when one of the partners are not having some kind of resources needed for the accomplishment of the application aims and other proves to be the best resource giver and hence the business can be established with the best solutions for the users and will generate the best revenue in the market.


It is researched that, “Mobile application users spend 24% more on in-app purchases than on paid apps.”- taken from the source


Hence the mobile users will have more access to the free applications and they will easily purchase the in-app purchases and the common mindset is not having an access to the paid applications. So it is good to take benefit of the target market and make more money from the mobile applications with the aid of the best android applications development companies.


Concluding Bit:

The advice to the applications owner or the newbies want to dive in for the mobile applications inventions, need to focus and refine the monetization techniques for the business aims. It is possible that you don’t want to include in-app purchases or maybe the advertisements but need to reinvent the thinking in this case. The strategies you follow do matter for the business but it should be relevant and consistent at the same time. And monitoring the data of your own business users will do matter in the selection of monetization strategies. So keeping track of the customer base will help with the applications most of the earning.


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