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Hot Tips To Help You Get More Instagram Followers

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Instagram is now the second most popular social media channel behind Facebook and in the US alone there are over 2 billion minutes of usage on the site each and every month. Instagram is the perfect tool for businesses and for individuals who want to share great pieces of visual content for their viewers.


The key your success on Instagram, comes down to the amount of real Instagram followers that you have and if you are looking to grow your following, here are some ways in which you can do just that.


Awesome Content


The first place that you need to start when looking for a wider following on Instagram is to create great pieces of content. The majority of people will check out your profile before they decide whether to follow you or not and so you need to make sure that what they see, is nothing but great content. Really think about the images and videos which you are uploading, make sure that they are of high quality, they are attractive and that they provide value to the people who will see them.


Commenting on Others


There is a great amount of reciprocal love on Instagram and if you are active on the profiles of others, and commenting on there stuff, you can see your list of followers increase. The key is to find people who operate within your niche and who are providing great content, don’t simply comment for the sake of it. Try to spend around an hour per day, searching for people in your industry, finding their best pieces of content, and commenting about how much value you took from it.




Contrary to what many people believe, hash tagging is not dead and you can use this tool to attract many followers. If you are running a business, this is a great way to drive more sales and if you can come up with a creative hashtag which pertains to your business, you can really ramp up your visibility on the social media channel. Try not to make the hashtag to specific such as ‘#joessandwiches’ for example as people simply won’t find you, use a hashtag like ‘#epicsandwiches’ however, and you are much more likely to be found.


Buddy Up


Don’t forget that social media is about communities and if you can create an alliance with other inside your industry then you can create a mutually beneficially relationship with them. If you spend some time each day sending direct messages to others within your niche, you will find that many of them are happy to partner up and give you the occasional shout out, assuming you do the same in return. This is a great way to help both parties amass a bigger following and doing so makes sure that the new followers, already like the content within your industry.


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