Live chat is the backbone of your online business. It is a big sales hack and I give strong support to it, I even stand by it. The reason behind is so simple to explain. Live chat is the easiest way to enhance or boost your website conversions with doing split tests in real time. Live chat increases website sales. This won’t be a matter of surprise to many of you who have taken benefit of live chat to get more leads. For most of you live chat system might have worked in the right way. Many websites have tried live chat and the data concerned with it was conclusive. In this post we will discuss about the data science of live chat with which you will be able to do more online conversions.

During previous decades business companies used to do advertising to bring and drive consumers to a phone number. After this consumers used to get engaged with a sales representative. Every phone call used to have a sales person on the other end. Then internet came on the scene and had something in the middle that was known as website. Today all consumers see and arrive at a website before they chat with any person online. All of us expect a website to do heavy lifting. This is more cost effective than humans.

Live chat is well fixed to engage visitors on your site. Humans have a unique style of talking to people who visit your website. And with live chat your business won’t have any worry if they do not have cash, resources and time or any impressive landing page. In fact you can convert visitors with live chat even if you have a worst site or even a blank site. When you or your team members sit on live chat then you should observe that 10 and 55% of your website visitors should get engaged with you. If you give a nice performance on a live chat then you will definitely convert visitors to potential customers.

If you have WordPress themes installed in your website, then you used live chat plugins. Live chat is very cheap, it does not cost more than a good quality email service or phone marketing. Researchers have proved that live chat service is 30% cost effective than a phone call. This is because live chat enables your team members and agents to do multitasking and help many visitors. If you give proper training then most chat agents can help two or three chats at the same time. This kind of live chat is also known as chat concurrency. It saves business organizations from expending a huge amount on personnel cost. It allows a few live chat professionals to serve the same amount of visitors like a large team of employees working on telephones to get conversions.

Studies have shown again and again that live chat contributes well to increase sales. It has been proved that live chat service can enhance conversions by at least 25%. Reports also states that customers who engage themselves on live chat buy products and services. These things make it clearer that live chat service is very powerful in converting leads and boosting sales. This is because that live chat offers visitors with instant access to your customer care team. It offers them with many chances to convert online visitors to potential customers.

When you sell your products and services online then you should install a live chat service at your website. This service will help visitors to know more about your services. It will engage them to get converted into potential leads. Our team can help you more to know and buy promising live chat service software.


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