/Tips for Creating Better Mobile Apps

Tips for Creating Better Mobile Apps

Deciding which operating system you should start your mobile application with is not an easy task and you will always be seduced by the idea to go with Android and iOS. iOS can be cheaper and faster with Android you can reach more people but having both is what would really put your app on the map. Native apps take more time and money but with the right tools and tips you can get a greater product.

Web Development Mind

You are building a cross-platform app, but you should think outside the box. By having your interface independent from the screen will ensure that the whole platform can be easily adjusted to be used on other platforms. When you it done, a simple native interface on top of the Web App will allow you to settle your app for either one of the bigger operating systems.

Different Tabs on Different OS

Android is considered to be quite shallower because of the lack of in-tab options, while iOS apps can have plenty of levels when operating your app. By knowing all of this, the developing process should be easier, but you would still have to oblige with the different operating systems.

Esthetics of Each App Platform

The world of mobile app developers and users has always been divided – iOS, Windows Phone or Android. While each has solid arguments why you should choose that particular platform, beauty and esthetics make it a hard choice to make. The same app can easily be absolutely different when used on the three different operating systems and yet, to be beautiful and easy to use on all three. Beauty has been relative forever and you should be open-minded when adjusting your application for Android, iOS or Windows phone.

Manage the Process

Designing the app is a fun but a hard job to do. Having a clear idea is helpful but you should also oversee what your team is doing regularly. In fact, you should get familiar with as much processes as possible to make sure that you receive the end product that you desire. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with app development, you need to hire someone you trust to be engaged with the task of following and educating the team and the whole project.

Testing and Using

Any good developer would stress enormously on how important testing is for your app. Constant and consistent testing would not only bring down the possible mistakes (there will always be malfunctions and bugs to be resolved), but will also get you more familiar with your own product. By becoming your own user, you will know what the end user can expect from the app, what questions he/she might have and what would be the best way to assist them. Compare your software to other similar apps and be as objective as possible when analyzing it. No one will doubt you because you know too much information about your own app and you are as prepared as possible.