If you have not yet tried any of Microsoft Office 2007 applications,then you are missing out on a lot. Microsoft Office 2007 package comes with several features that make it the best alternative for you.

8 Features of Microsoft Office 2007

Save to PDF format

All the Microsoft Office 2007 applications except project 2007 can now save to PDF format unlike those from earlier versions of Ms. Office. The only requirement here is for you to download the free ad-in from the Microsoft website. You can now save any document you download or the earlier documents that you hadsaved and resave them in PDF format.

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Live preview

This is a new feature in Microsoft Office 2007. Every time the pointer moves over the results presented in a gallery, the technology shows the preview results of applying editing or formatting. If you want to use this feature, rest the mouse pointer on an action and you will get a preview of how the option would look like before you make the changes.

Spell checker

This feature was there even with the previous versions of Microsoft Office, but it has been made more consistent in Microsoft 2007. All the applications in Microsoft Office 2007 share the same dictionary and use the same dialogue box to manage it. If you change the options in one application, they are changed in all the other applications.

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This feature provides the users with clear results to choose from when working on a document, spreadsheets, presentation or access database. They provide a simplified process of producing professional looking work. However, Microsoft Office 2007 still retains the dialogue box for those who are sensitive to a greater degree of control.

Additional options

Every time you see a small downward allow, this means more options are available for you to navigate. You can click the dialogue Box Launcher and you will see a task pane with additional commands. This arrow is usually available at the lower-right corner of every command.

New command Organization

Commands in Microsoft Office 2007 are well organized as compared to those in the earlier Microsoft Office. They are organized according to how they are used. The developers detected the commands that are often used and favored them when designing Microsoft Office 2007. A good example of those commands are the paste and save commands. The developers gave them maximum exposure in the window.

The Ribbons

The first thing that you notice after exploring Microsoft word and several other Microsoft Office 2007 applications is the Ribbon. The menus and toolbars are replaced by the ribbons in this Microsoft Office version. The intentions of the developer was to enable the users quickly notice and use the commands.

Self-help icon

Self-help is now easier with Microsoft Office 2007. The Online help feature in this version is completely redesigned with the exclusion of Microsoft Office Assistant. Each program has its own help Icon where you can find product information and online articles.


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