Speeding up a video playback can help to cut short the length of the video and thereby reducing its size. You can also use the fast motion effect to fast forward scenes that are not important. Some people like to use the fast motion effect to make the video look funny. You’ll need a basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor to increase the playback speed of your video. Movavi Video Editor is available for testing as a trial version for 30 days and you can download the software at the Movavi site.


To speed up video, you must first launch the Movavi Video Editor. When the welcome screen pops up, you must select Create Project in Full Feature mode. Next, you must click the Add Files button to load your video. The video will be load into the video track on the timeline. Once the video is loaded into the timeline, you must select it and click on the Clip Properties button to go to the properties. You can recognize the clip properties button by the gear wheel symbol.

In the properties, you are to look for the speed slider and drag it to the right to increase the speed. You can drag the speed slider around until you find the right speed. Another way to change the position of the speed slider is to enter a value in percentage in the field. After moving the slider to the desired position, you can click on the Apply button. You can play the video on the preview screen on the right to see if the video is playing at the desired speed.


If your video has an audio track playing in the background, you will want to make some adjustment to it. This is because the soundtrack will play fast when you accelerate the video playback speed. It will be weird for your audience to hear the fast forwarding soundtrack. The turnaround solution is to click on the mute track icon to mute the track. Next, you are to click on the Add Files button to upload the original video once more. Now, you must drag the audio track of the original video that you’ve just loaded to just below the first video you have added. The last step is to delete the video that you have just loaded.


After you are done, it is time to export the video to save it on your computer. When you click the Export button, the file save dialog box will open and you have 2 options. The first option is to choose Save Video File and the second option is to choose Save For Devices. You should choose save video file if you want to save it in a format for watching on a media player on your computer. The second option is for people who want to watch the video on a mobile device like tablet or Smartphone. After you have selected an appropriate format, you can click on the Start button to start the file export process.


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