When Smartphones entered the mobile phone market, ecommerce mobile apps were not popular and development had definitely not picked the market. However, it did not take too long for the increase in the number of developers and for them to bring the app market to what it is today. According to Statista, in 2016, 149.3 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2017 it will be approximately 197 Billion and by 2020, it is expected reach 352.9 Billion.

Mostly apps do not gain their popularity, do you know why?

There are many reasons for people for not being able to get apps their apps known among people. Let us take a closer look at each of them:

Not Spreading the Word

You have to let people know that you have an ecommerce app for your business. You need to let your clients and customers know about it. Creating an app is not enough; you have to let everyone know. You can send out emails to your current customers, send SMS, share on social media that now you are on the app too.

Not Having a Good UI

A user will like or hate your app immediately after they download it and open. If the UI of the app is not good and smooth that means your app does not have a good UI. If the app is not good enough as your rival and has complicated navigation, then users will not even bother look further. So, the look and the feel of the app is very important.

Targeting the Wrong Demographic

It is very important to define your target. Once you have established who will be using your app you need send the ads or the email only to those customers. Targeting the wrong group will only waste your efforts, time, and money. Sending to the targeted group will fetch you good and positive results.

Mobile Apps

No Ad Campaigns

Not doing ad campaigns will only add to your troubles. Like defining your demographic, you also need to define your audience. Like what age group, what industry, and on what social platforms you wish to run your ad campaigns. If you are specific in your requirements then achieving good results will not be a problem at all. Having targeting ads will help you fetch better and more positive results. You should have a bird’s eye while defining your targeted group. Hence, you are missing on big profits by not running ad campaigns.

Not Having Interesting In-App Features

If your app does not have interesting features to hold the user for long time then your app will be out of the market soon. It is very important to have interesting features in the app to keep your user busy. If your customer/users get extremely bored with your app, they will then take the final step, delete it. Later, they will then look for another app, because there are ample of apps in the market. If you do not want your app to go out of the market, this concern should be addressed to very properly and immediately. Make sure you test all your features before you launch your app.

Not Nominating Your App for an Award

Another mistake that most of the new app owners make is that they do not nominate their app for an award. To get exposure, this is a very nice way to make your app popular. Even if you do not get the award, even if you are listed will spread the word in the market. When people will not know about your app, how will it get popular?

Does not Match the Users Need

Any app you make is for a targeted group, but if you have not been able to make an app to match the requirements of those targeted users, then your app is a big failure and hence will never gain its popularity. There is no use of an app when it is not matching the users need. You will have to be ready to accept the NO from all the people. Just creating an app is not enough, the success of the app is very important. In addition, its success entirely depends on the users. If you are not able to create a database of satisfied users then your app will be a big failure.

Match the Users Need mobile apps


He success and popularity of any app depends on the marketing activities and the features of your app. Gaining popularity of a new mobile app is not an easy task, but if your eCommerce app has great features and matches the demands of the users then your app will be a great hit. So follow ways that will help your brand new app gain its popularity in lesser time than you thought of.


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