The 5 best tools for mobile application development with a trend in 2017

It is an undeniable fact that the current development of mobile applications is growing rapidly. At the same time, various application development tools are evolving. Application developers are always looking for tools that help them build applications that are fully functional in the most efficient way possible. Here is a list of some of the robust and highly functional mobile application development tools that dominate the industry.

  • Xamarin


Over time, this tool becomes extremely popular in application development. Name any platform android, iOS, Windows: Using Xamarin, developers can easily build mobile applications on any platform simply by using a common C code base. These are some of its attractive features that make Xamarin extremely popular with developers.


Provides a proprietary interface development tool

You can test apps on multiple devices with Xamarin’s award-winning cloud service

Provides native access to the API

Mental backend integration

Form code-sharing interface

  • PhoneGap


PhoneGap is another very popular tool in the market. In addition to the usual mobile application development platforms, such as Android and iOS, PhoneGap also lets you design applications for Palm and Symbian platforms. Here are some of the notable features and features that most developers prefer PhoneGap as an application development tool.

It is an open source framework

It is available for free

It’s incredibly easy to develop applications using standard JavaScript and HTML

  • Appellator


In today’s professional market, Appcelerator’s popularity is accelerating due to its many useful features on the market. Review the features below to understand the benefits of using the appcelerator by the company.


Extremely convenient for developing applications for HTML5, BlackBerry, multiplatform applications, outside of normal iOS and Android

Easy-to-design apps with real-time mobile analytics capabilities with unique JavaScript base code

Can develop hardware applications

You can save data in the cloud or on the device

Simply invent a prototype

  • Sencha

The new version of Sencha is Ext. JS. This release is booming in the market because creating HTML 5 applications is very easy for developers using this application development tool. More interestingly, you can avoid the hassle of developing a cross-platform application development with the latest version of Sencha.


  • iFactr


Are you worried about the fast delivery of the application? With iFactr, you can easily fix this problem. According to iFactr, this tool is so easy to use and so efficient and easy that application developers can start their development process right after two or three days of training. If you need a quick response, you can rely on this application development tool because it will provide you with a feature-rich prototype in no time. The most intriguing thing about iFactr is that it utilizes Xamarin to create Android and iOS applications, and the arrangement is likewise good with PhoneGap.


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