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Best way to add Amazon ads to WordPress site


Best way to add Amazon ads to WordPress site


Having a website have become a common affair these days. Every business, be it small or big tend to have a digital market by deploying a website depending on the budget it can afford. You can go for free WordPress themes with slider if you are on low budget and can go for premium themes if pulling a handsome budget.
Amazon offers an excellent way for the website/ blog owners to monetize their websites by placing Amazon ads in the form of links on their site/blog. Your users will be able to see the products from Amazon which you recommend or select. When a user buys those products by clicking on the ad, you are awarded with a percentage as bonus from each sale.
But make sure that you main aim is not merely making money but creating and delivering original content to your users. Amazon does not allow the websites whose main goal is to generate traffic by using the affiliate links or driving traffic towards the links. The links and the products you are selecting should have some relevancy with your website.
Here I am listing out the steps for adding Amazon ads to your WordPress website.
Register with the affiliate program run by Amazon.com at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ . In case you already have an account, proceed by logging to it.
Step 2:
After logging you will be greeted with a search box. Type the keywords or the products you are looking for there. Suppose you run a bakery website, then you can enter cake mould, muffin tray paper cups etc. then click on “go” to browse the products.
Step 3:
Now a number of products matching your search will be listed. On the right hand side you will see a button with a label “Get Link”. Click here to get the desired link.
Step 4:
Now thw navigator will take you to Link Builder page which enable you to customize your ad. Now as per your choice select text ad or image ad.
Chosing between text and Image links/ads
Text images are merely text having an affiliate ink embedded into them. you can cutomise the text which should be visible to the user which tempts him to click that link. Choose Text link in the content when you don’t want images such as in the middle of any content.
Similarly Image links contain an image and some text which are back-linked with the affiliated code. You can also change the text or add your own image. Image links are used when you are specifying any product or using text widgets or sometimes you wish to describe a product and then give a link to purchase it.
So, as per your requirement and demand of the content, use image link or text link.
Step 6:
Creating a Text Link
On clicking on the “text Only” tab, you can customize the linking text. After filling click on the “Highlight HTML” button. A code will be generated. You need to copy and paste that code snippet in your website.
On the same lines, copy the code for image links.
Step 7:
Now you have the ad link. Open up your post or widget or wherever you want to show your ad. Click on the “HTML” button on the formatting toolbar. You need not do the clicking of “HTML” button on a Text widget, as it automatically supports the same. Now paste the code there and publish.
Voila!! Your link is working now. So, start building your links now and head on monetizing your free WordPress themes with slider.

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