The DDOS attack is an attack that sends a lot of processing requests from a plurality of computers to a target server through a network to stop the service. It is characterized by attacker taking over another computer and simultaneously attacking the target. Because the server will automatically process based on the received information it results in the server processing not able to catch up and it hangs causing a server shut down. In the times of increased need of web security having a good DDOS protection is necessary.

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It is difficult to identify the origin of the attack trigger

Since multiple attacking machines are there between the attacker and the target network, the attack becomes complicated. To take fundamental countermeasures, it is necessary to identify the location and the identity of the attacker but that is difficult. The reason for that is DDOS attacks are monitored from multiple computer systems.

What happens if you get attacked by the DDOS attack?

The result of the DDOS attack is that it shuts down the server by consuming its entire resources. It affects the pages that happen to be the most visited or commercially important. The company’s homepage cannot bear the load when access is concentrated even if it is not a DDOS attack. For example, the university’s homepage usually does not have much access, but during the acceptance of the examination forms, the website slows down or hangs completely. The server cannot stand the load and falls. Even if you raise the resources of the server, the attacker will just increase the burden of DDOS attack.

2. Measures for coping with DDOS attacks

It is possible to prevent DDOS attacks or at least cope with them. It is necessary to understand that such attacks exist and they can have serious effects. Since there are various attacks targeting the server, a DDOS protection can help you prevent against DDOS attacks. Security software has a system that shuts off automatically when a number of access is found and notifies the server controllers for the surveillance of the attack.

Financial or business effects of DDOS attacks:

Theft of vital data is the goal of such attacks:

The most worrisome thing in DDOS attacks is that the attackers use DDOS attacks a means of distraction to perform other malicious activities. The attack is not the end goal. The end goal is to steal critical consumer of business data that can be used for personal advantage. The attacker also attacks a certain portion of the network to install a backdoor that will enable future access to the network machines.
In this attack, the threat actor directs a DDoS attack to a certain portion of the network while launching specially crafted attacks at other targets. The goal is to compromise these other There are various types of DDOS attacks that crash the website servers or applications while still leaving some bandwidth and server resources for other targets. If the victim does not have a proper DDOS protection system the attacker may try to loosen the firewall or IDS/IPS security rules. This increases the limit of machines that can be affected by the attack or can be actually attacked. The volume of havoc the attack produces makes it difficult to spot the other malicious activity that can be carried out in the back of the attack. The vital data leakage can include credit cards, passwords, intellectual property, trade secrets, medical information, private customer records and banking information of the people who have connections with the websites.

Loss of business customers:

The consequences of DDoS attacks including disruption of service is theft of customer information can affect the confidence in your customers. These customers can decide to move their business to a competitor or can blame you for their losses or inconvenience. You may be able to get over the losses or recover financially but that might not be the case with your customers. You may have to repent forever for their damages.

Damage to your brand:

Companies pour a lot of funds on branding their businesses and creating an established online presence. You might be into that if you are an entrepreneur. They include advertising, PR, direct mail campaigns and other initiatives. Earning a reputation in the online marketplace takes a lot of time and effort. The DDOS attack can bring everything down and you may have to start over again. This is the real reasons companies are now getting good DDOS protection that can save them from such attacks that can take them out of business.


It is not possible to determine the chances of DDOS attacks. Your business is the most valuable thing you have and that is the reason you cannot compromise on the protection. Businesses take a lot of time and immense money to grow and sustain. A good DDOS protection can help you avoid DDOS attacks and gain security from the hazards in this unpredictable internet world.



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