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Focus On Copywriting to Boost Conversion Rates


Focus On Copywriting to Boost Conversion Rates

A website’s copy plays a significant role in determining conversion rates. It is the best way to describe your brand and promote it subsequently on various platforms. The copy will define whether your brand has a bold, quirky or a futuristic approach.
Web copy is crucial in determining product information to the target audience especially on ecommerce portals. Build a copy that determines foundation of your brand. But, unfortunately most of the B2b Portal Development companies spend more time on optimizing design and layouts by completely skipping over copywriting aspect.
Understanding the link between copy and conversion rates
If you’re managing an e-commerce store or a marketing agency, there are 3 major challenges that you will face:
1. Telling visitors about the portal’s products and their unequaled features and benefits and other aspects affecting their buying behavior.
2. Eliciting emotions and connect a bond with users that drive action and persuade the visitor to visit page.
3. Building a long-term relationship by focusing on the brand’s values (and how they sync with their consumer’s values/ethics)
The mistake we commit is realizing that all of these challenges can be met through smart layout and designs but that is where we are gravely mistaken. As a matter of fact, it is important to improve a website’s copy to increase its conversion rates by two or even foru times.
Here are some actionable tricks to assess your audience that you can use to get better conversions rate as suggested by Top SEO companies.
How to keep your target audience in mind before writing
Target out appropriate customer profile on the basis of on your brand’s relevancy as thus will help you deliver sharp to the point and high-converting copy.
We can help you out in accessing your audience as nearly all your customers will belong more or less to the following four persona types:
1. Logical persona: this type of consumer base is logical, methodical, and detail-oriented. He will cautiously scrutinize your offer before hitting the “Buy” button. He will evaluate and shop around for better deals. On an average 40–45% of the audience falls under this category.
2. Impulsive persona: this type is risk-oriented, and optimistic. This persona is more prone to making quick decisions and will focus on the benefits/offers when buying a particular product. Roughly 30–35% of the audience would be of an impulsive persona.
3. Caring persona: A caring persona is deeply perturbed about the consequences and effects on others. This persona will consider your offer only when it is useful for them and their family. Instead of looking at the product and its attributes, those of caring/concerned personas will also browse through the subsequent after effects. Nearly 15–20% of your audience will be under this category.
4. Aggressive persona: this type is rational, focused and inclined towards self-improvement. This persona holds high standards of integrity and will listen to you when you do the same. Cheap, repetitive advertising will keep them at bay as they are choosy and classy in their choices. Roughly 5–7% of the population falls under this kind of persona.
Thus, creating unique a copy keeping your audience in mind besides creating a website with best of design and functionality is equally important for enhanced conversion rates and web traffic.
Ram Mohan

Ram Mohan is presently the Delivery Head at Sterco Digitex, a New Media Design Company specializing in value services like Website Designing, mobile games development companies in Delhi NCR, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, and Ecommerce.

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