Despite the fact that there has been a stunning advancement in Smartphones in terms of camera and other functionalities over the years, it is still not possible to click a photo without having to press the shutter button.

In fact, many of you would still wonder if this is really possible. Well. the good news is, it is absolutely possible and what makes it possible is the AI miniature camera called Google clips and advancement in android application development.

The camera can detect faces or pets nearby using artificial intelligence and it knows exactly when to snap a photo. Isn’t that amazing?

As a matter of fact, Google clips uses an advanced version of the algorithm that the Google photos app uses to identify the various people and pets.

With the increasing number of photos of a certain person or a pet, clips will be able to comprehend that a user needs more photos of that person or that pet.

This isn’t an attempt to replace the Smartphone cameras and instead, it is a wonderful initiative to help pet owners and parents to capture the best moments without having to reach for their phones or cameras.

The Google clips camera is a small gadget with a square shape and 130-degree field of view. It actually doesn’t require any effort on the part of a user.

However, it offers a shutter button for the users to take photos manually. Also, the camera uses a set of lights to indicate various modes; the white light indicates recording mode and amber indicates low battery or low storage.

Most importantly, all the interaction with the gadget happens and stays within the clips app. Also, it provides its users with a live mode for editing the controls prior to taking a shot.

All the Clips photos and videos are stored locally in the camera itself and you can, of course, save it to your phone as well if you want.

For Google clips to understand exactly who or what a user wants to record, a user has to hold the camera in front of a person or pet and press the shutter button.

Also, the Google photos library can be pretty helpful in teaching the Google clips about your people or pets.

When it comes to image quality, it may not be as high as it can be with a Smartphone camera and using Google clips, you can get a resolution from six to eight megapixels only.

However, the greatest difficulty one may face with the Google clips is actually framing the shots accurately since the best way to use clips is to record a video or click a photo from three to eight feet away.

This eventually makes it a bit difficult in finding proper surfaces to have the camera positioned at a right angle.

Another drawback that we noticed while using the Google clips camera is the fact that it gets too warm sometimes especially after using the Live Preview feature for an extended period of time. Also, the camera is not waterproof.

The Google Clips makes it unimaginably easy to turn short videos into brilliant GIFs and all a user have to do is click the edit button to cut the part of clip accurately that one intends to loop as a GIF.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry much about the storage as the camera offers 16GB of space which is more than enough to save your favorite photos and clips.

However, Google clips camera is not the sort of camera that can be used to record clips all night long at any party as its battery lasts for around 3 hours only.

It’s always surprising to open the app and see what exactly the camera has been able to capture.

It might not be a wearable or a Smartphone camera replacement or a camera for home security but it certainly does fulfil its purpose to a major extent which is, of course, helping its users not ever miss out any of the most precious moments of their kids or pets which would otherwise be next to impossible with a Smartphone camera.


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