Nothing confirmed, just the rumors but the rumors have become the trending talks of the tech town. It’s been heard that Apple is on the verge of combining iPhone, Mac, and iPad app development. A new wave of rush has been going through the developers with this rumor. This also means there will be change or rather say a massive change in the way how users use their favorite apps.

As per the reports of Bloomberg, developers would have to develop a single uniform app which will work flawlessly with both Mac’s trackpad or mouse and Apple’s IOS touchscreen. There will just be a single coding which will work on iPhone, iPad and Apple computers as well. Well, its a huge sigh of relief on the part of the developers that they have to code just for once. But to reach that level and learn the skills to be able to develop a uniform app can be quite challenging for them at the moment. Its a great opportunity for the iPhone and iPad app developers to expand their iPhone app development abilities to Mac. This will eradicate the glitch of stagnancy from the developers without having to learn a new thing from the scratch level.

This will be a great advancement for the products for which mobile-only product is not sufficient but it also needs a smooth functioning Mac app. This is a massive move and it will also speed up the app update time for the Mac apps. At current times, the Mac apps do not frequent updates just like the IOS apps get. This issue will get eliminated with the uniformity in iPhone, iPad and Mac apps. Mac apps have restricted the selection of updates which are very occasionally updated.

Apple is not in any condition to ditch its Mac as it is more powerful than IOS and the source on which iPhone and iPad apps are developed. Both IOS and MacOS platforms will be revamped and grow conjointly. It is to be said that if this rumor happens to be true then it is the biggest step in the Apple’s software program right from the inception stage of the IOS. At the current stage, this project is given a codename “Marzipan”. It is to be assumed that the work on this project will initiate in the early month of the upcoming year. Also, talks are there this would be announced and made official by the Apple in the Apple’s annual conference in the upcoming year.

However, Apple is not setting a new trend with the unification of apps, this has already been implemented by Windows for the Microsoft desktops and windows software for a smartphone. Universal Windows platform has already been launched by the Microsoft to develop a single being able to function on all the devices, Phones, Tablets and computers. Hence Apple is not the first one.

Well, nothing has been officially announced or confirmed and possibility is there for it to be modified or the entire plan to get dropped as well.


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