Post meta data is the information about the article or post like author name, published date of blog post, time etc. Some of post meta data is looking messy.

In this blog post, we will guide you how to show the the post meta data in your WordPress theme.

Post meta data is not the part of the actual article content, but its an important part of the article, some of themes have it but some of the WordPress themes doesn’t have it.

Blog post meta data contain author name, post name, tags and categories or custom things. Depending on your themes, this information display at different location like some of themes display at head of the article , some of themes display at bottom of the article.

This kind of information will help to user or visitor to understand the things like when these post is published, what kind of the blog is these etc.These kind of information will help you to increase your visitors.

If your theme not showing the post meta data, then don’t worry there are various method which will help you to display the blog post meta data , by using those methods you will show or display the information, what you want to display.

This data enables your clients to take in more about the substance they are seeing. In the event that utilized accurately, post meta information can expand online visits, enhance client experience, and influence your website to look more expert.

Contingent upon your site, you can include or evacuate data and add custom css styles to make it more valuable.

We should investigate how to show post meta information in WordPress.

How WordPress Themes Display Post Meta Data?

There are different approaches to show post meta information. A few topics have less difficult code situated underneath the post title.

By <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?> on <?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’); ?> in <?php the_category(‘, ‘); ?> <?php edit_post_link(__(‘{Edit}’), ”); ?>

This code basically shows creator’s name, post date, and category(s).

Different topics may characterize their own format labels, capacities, and classes to show post meta information. These capacities are then brought in the theme files in charge of showing posts.

More often than not, you will discover post meta information code in your subject’s index.php, archive.php, single.php, and content layouts.

You can make a child theme of the original one. If you are creating the child one , then you can edit or add code as per your requirement.

How to hide or show post date in WordPress theme?

If you want to display published date of blog post, then simply copy and paste the below code in your theme.

<p>Article published date: <?php the_time(‘m/j/y g:i A’) ?></p>
Note: _time is the function that will show the format of time. (like 24 hours/ 12 hours)

And if you want to remove the post date, then simply delete _time and _date function line.

How to show last updated date in WordPress theme?

On the off chance that you as often as possible refresh old articles on your site, at that point you might need to show the last refreshed date of your posts.

This helps your substance look new and pull in peruses who may not read a post that was distributed years prior.

Just add the following code to your theme documents where you need to show the last refreshed date:

How to Hide or Show Author Name in WordPress theme?

If you want display author name , then just you have to copy the below code and paste in your WordPress themes.

<p>Article written by <?php the_author(); ?></p>

This code use author tag which show author name.

So far we demonstrated to you industry standards to show or shroud the fundamental default post meta information things.

Topic engineers can utilize a similar fundamental format labels to show post meta information in a wide range of ways.


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