As of the latest internet usage trends, 80% of total traffic to the web will  come from mobile devices and by the year 2022, around 43% of all workplaces will have moved to mobility. Of course, we will experience rapid growth in how enterprises are adopting the mobility at their workplaces and, how companies are getting their mobile app development projects implemented.

These are still predictions only, but if they turn out to be true, which many experts believe will surely, it’s time you should start moving your CRM (customer relationship management) system to mobile as soon as possible. Maybe you are still not certain how moving your CRM to mobile platforms is going to help your employees. Here are the top benefits of using a mobile based CRM system in business:

3 Benefits of using mobile CRM:

Portability and Quick Access

By making your CRM available on mobile devices, you will free your sales team from the burden of carrying company’s literature in the hard form and heavier devices like PCs while they are rushing to meet a customer. If you have a mobile based CRM available, sales executives can move to meet customers just with their mobile devices and get rapid access to the information that increases the possibility of conversions.

Increased production and improved collaboration and insight

Many studies are there to set that mobile CRM increases sales productivity by 15%. A CRM app is an easiest way to keep resources organized and in the access of salespeople, who may anytime access these resources to increase the chance of sales. Also, on the demand of a client, salespeople themselves place an order and ensure priority delivery.

Such apps also provide managers with the real-time access to reports which are based on the daily inputs of field reps. It keeps a continuous flow of information. Also, everyone involved in the process of an enterprise can access the system online anytime anywhere.

Sales managers can get real-time sales reports from field reps to stay informed about the status of their deals and can also address issues before they arise. Access to this info helps managers to remotely provide insight and coaching to the staff which improves collaboration and productivity.

Reducing Sales Cycle

A mobile based CRM system provides sales persons with on-the-go access to the valuable information and removes their dependency on other mediums. Executives are able to access the information related to a customer-history regardless of time and place. This reduces the sales cycle and removes the redundant tasks.


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