Tired Of Flying Your Drone In The Neighborhood? Try These Exciting Things Instead

Most people get a drone for recreate purpose alone. When the machine arrives, they fly the drone around their homes, neighborhood and so on, capturing videos and editing them. But by only focusing on such things alone, you are neglecting the vast world of possibilities that a drone operator has. You can essentially help people, earn money, and have some competitive fun with other, all with your drone. Below, we will look at ten activities you can do with your drone.

Monitoring Wildlife

If you live near a wildlife sanctuary, then you should check out with its authorities as to whether they will require your service. Usually, those in charge are required to keep tabs on all wildlife in the region. And this can be a tough thing to do when only land-based observation is possible.

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But with your drone, authorities can now have a clear sky view of all animals on the ground. This is especially useful in the plains when tracking animal migrations. And as a drone operator, the chance to capture wildlife movements can offer you rare chances at shooting some incredible footage. Plus, your drone might also capture live poaching activities. This will help the authorities to take immediate action to rescue the animals and capture the poachers red-handed.


While hunting usually uses dogs to detect the scent and follow the hunted animal, drones can add an exciting dimension to the hunting process. The prospect of being able to get a sky view of the hunted animal as it moves through a landscape, being pursued by the dogs and hunter will be attractive enough for many hunters to at least hire you to test it out. Get in touch with the local hunting groups and present your service to them. Just make sure that all the hunting organizations operate legally and as per governmental regulations.

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If you are an adrenaline junkie, then drone racing is what you need to be involved in. Yes, you read that right – drone racing. This is a fast-growing trend among professional drone operators. And as the name suggests, it involves flying your drone in competition with other drones. Some events payout prize money while others don’t. But once you try your hand at drone racing, the money won’t matter that much since you will essentially be hooked on the exciting world of racing and outsmarting other drone operators. Just keep in mind that since such events require you to fly drones are breakneck speeds, chances of collisions and damage to the drone is very high. So, only participate in them if you are fully confident about your skills and can fly the drone with absolute safety.

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Package Delivery

Package delivery services are receiving a huge demand from many businesses. What you basically need to do is to pick up a package and deliver it to the client’s address. That’s it. And you will get paid handsomely for completing the task. But the businesses who hire you will have strict qualifying criteria that you have to pass. After all, they won’t want to take the risk of letting an amateur handle the drone delivery. So, make sure you have all your licenses ready before you visit them. Above all, be confident about your flying abilities.

Disaster Management

If an unexpected disaster strikes your area or nearby region, your skill as a drone operator can be put to good use. You can fly the drone above damaged area, identifying where the survivors are. This will help the rescue team know the exact position of the survivors, and they can move ahead with their operation with full confidence. In addition, your drone will help you identify which roads are blocked or non-navigable, which roads are okay for travel, which places seem safe to set up a relief camp etc. So, be sure to offer your assistance to the concerned authorities during any disaster and you can get the satisfaction of having done some good for the society.


Establishments like big hotels will need additional security when they host special events and such. If you can meet the security officer in charge and offer your services beforehand, they will likely call you when they need a regular aerial view of the entire event. And as with delivery packaging, you can earn some food money being a freelance drone operator for such establishments. So, stop wasting your time flying the drone aimlessly around the neighborhood and start visiting the bog hotels in your locality and see if they will be interested in your service.

Geography Mapping

Local authorities, universities, research institutions etc. may need to do geographical mapping of a specific region as per their needs. This has mostly been done by surveying the land from ground level alone. The introduction of a drone has drastically changed the field of geographic mapping. The sky view of the landscape will now offer an additional source of information for the interested parties. As such, if you find such organizations and present your proposal to them together with a few sample videos that show how geographic mapping can be made more thorough with drone videos, then you might nab yourself some exciting financial opportunities. And for any reference on how to take some stunning aerial videos, check out the web page at

Real Estate

This is a money spinner right here. Real estate agents are often looking at the best way to present a property so as to attract possible buyers. And what better way to showcase a property than through a stunning drone video. Being a rather new way of showcasing a property, you are guaranteed to generate the interest of real estate agents and developers. Just build up a good portfolio that shows some stunning aerial videos and images of properties, and you can easily rack up clients. And as long as you can churn out drone videos of properties that generate the interest of the prospective buyers, you will always have clients around you.


If you live near a farmland, then your drone flying skills might come in handy to the farmers. They always need to check the crops from time to time in order to determine its health and other aspects. However, since they are doing the monitoring through the land, too much time is needed to do this thoroughly across a large farming area. But with a drone service, the farmers can quickly cover a large region and identify spots where crops might need special attention. The benefit is so huge that you should easily be able to get hired by at least a few farmers locally.

Atmosphere Monitoring

With pollution in cities worsening day by day, the need to monitor the atmosphere is also increasing. Manu local authorities are also tasked with this process. However, such activities are mostly limited to observing the atmosphere from the ground. But with your service, the authorities can now monitor the atmosphere right from the sky itself. And this is a big opportunity for you. So, search for local pollution monitoring agencies, groups etc. and offer your drone video service.

The above are just a few of the things you can do with your drone. In addition to these, you can look into being a wedding drone videographer, offer drone video service to cycling events, protests, and so on. Just apply your creativity and you will soon see opportunities where your drone can be used, either for monetary benefits or for pure fun.

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