Slow internet ruining the ultimate experience of watching your favorite web series has become a sad old story.It makes you leave the cosy comfort of your room and find a spot closer to the router. But the time has come when you must change this story and turn it into a happy one.And now that you are reading this article, we are sure that you are ready for the change.

To enjoy a great internet experience in every corner of your home, all you need to do is read the tricks mentioned below and implement them in your home today!

Tricks That Will Get Wi-Fi To Every Corner of The House

  • Pick the Right Router Spot

Let us begin with the easiest trick. Most of the times, the slow speed or inefficient signals of the Wi-Fi router is due to the wrong router placement in the house. If you pick the best spot for your router, there are chances that the signals may improve giving you a great internet experience. Some of the rules that you need to follow while choosing the perfect position are:

  • Place it at the center of your house for better coverage
  • Mount itin a higher place
  • Keep it away from electrical devices that can increase interference
  • Do not hide your router by placing itin a closet; rather keep it in sight


  • Adjust the Antennas

Once you have picked up the best place for your router, your focus should shift to the antennas. Usually, routers have two antennas which can be adjustedto get better signals.It is noticed that the router works best when antennas are perpendicular to each other. Moreover, make sure that the antennas are not facing a wall as it can pose a hurdle in the coverage.


  • Protect Your Network with Strong Password

The speed of the Wi-Fi also depends on the number of people using it at one time,and you would not want some unwanted outsider to take advantage your internet connection. Hence, it is important to secure your network with a strong password which must contain at least eight characters, numbers and symbols.


  • Reboot on a Schedule

Another simple trick that can actually clear up various tech support problems in your router is a regular reboot.Switching it off at night before you go to sleep also helps the route work more efficiently and faster.

  • Changes the Router’s Channel

Wi-Fi routers work on specific channels that are sometimes opted by default. To ensure the better functioning of your router, check its channel. If it is working on a highly crowded channel, you know what to do. Switch to a channel that is least-crowded. This will not just boost the router’s performance but also improves its coverage range.  To know how to change the channel of your router, you can either google the steps or contact your internet service provider in Coimbatore and know all about your router.


  • Update Your Router

At times, all your router need is just an update to improve its performance and speed. If the firmware of your router has become old (looking at the constant updates coming in the market), you will need to download the firmware from the manufacturer’s website for latestupdate. In case, you have a new model; you can hit the firmware upgrade button built into the administration interface.You can also try a regular update of your Wi-Fi router and enjoy a seamless internet connection in your home.


  • OrJust Change It

A tough but definitelya strong step that gives 100% assurance that your Wi-Fi will become incredibly faster and reach all the areas of your house. If your current router has been facing recurring issues and you have become fed-up of its malfunctioning, try to switch to a new one. Various companies offer ultra-fast internet plans across the country. If you are searching for aninternet service provider in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai or other cities, you can choose ACT Fibernet that offers a wide range of Fiber broadband plans.

Follow these tricks and get ready for an ultimate internet experience!

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