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What to Look for In a Dash Cam?


What to Look for In a Dash Cam?


So, what does a dash cam really do? The super short answer is: it records what is happening in front of your car.

A good dash cam needs to give you peace of mind, after all, you need to concentrate on your driving, right? So here is a list of minimum features a good dash cam should have.

What to Look for In a Dash Cam

• It comes with a mount to fix it on the windshield or dashboard. This is the point of connection between the dash cam and the windshield so its quality has to be good. Virtually, the dash come should be able to stay in the same position in every type of condition.

• Videos are recorded on a flash card. It’s usually not provided or comes with a low storage capacity, so it’s always wise to upgrade.

The number of hours you can record will depend on storage capacity and video resolution, but even with smaller SD cards (32GB) you can still record for about four hours

• Recording is recycled. It means that when the memory of the card is full, the dash cam will overwrite what was recorded until then.

The assumption is that nothing relevant has happened and that you’re not obsessive about keeping a record of all your road trips. In that case, you will have to keep a good supply of SD cards always with you

• It has a built-in microphone. A video is the most important part, but the sound is an added bonus. It’s especially useful if you want to take note of a license plate and you’re not sure if it was captured by the camera

• It has an infrared nighttime recording feature. A dash cam that can only record during the day would be pretty useless, so this is also another function to look for.

• It records with an angle wider than 90 degrees. Low range dash cams offer at least 120 degrees but it can get to 140 and 200.

Although the wider the angle the better, there’s no need to go too crazy about it: even with less than 180 degrees you can still have a good visibility of what is happening around your vehicle.

What you’ve read so far is a list of bare minimum features. Now, let’s take a look at a few of the nice-to-have ones.

If you’re serious about making your life easier with insurance companies and saving money when a crash comes to shove, then some of these extra features will be worth the extra money:

• Good quality video. Ideally, you would like your dash cam to be able to read license plates at night, but not all will be able to do that.

Something you want to find in the specs of a dash cam is “WDR”, which stands for Wide Dynamic Range and indicates a higher standard of image quality.

• It automatically turns on when you start the car and turns off when you stop. If you use a dash cam on a regular basis and you’re often on the road, this will be a pretty nice thing to have.

The dash cam will have to be either wired to the car battery or connected to the cigarette lighter.

• It has a parking mode to keep an eye on your car even when you’re not there. Possible options here are a built-in battery or wiring the device to the car battery. In that case.

However, you need to make sure that the power consumption is low enough to avoid battery depletion.

• GPS for position and speed. This function is especially good if you are using a dash cam also to control the quality of driving of your employees.

• High heat resistance. Depending on your latitude, the inside of a car can become a pretty hot place. Make sure that the heat tolerance is high enough for that.

• Small size. Have you ever wondered why most dash cams are black? Many users prefer small devices that blend with the rear view mirror becoming virtually invisible and less likely to be stolen. “Sneaky” factor aside, you don’t want a dash cam to take too much room in the car.

• It can be rotated left and right to record what is happening on either side. There is no electronic magic involved here, a good old pivoting support will do the trick.
• LCD screen. Most dash cams have it and for a reason.

Let’s say you’re involved in a car accident and you’re having an argument with the other driver about who’s at fault. A quick look at the clip can solve the dispute straightaway.


These are things that all you have to consider when buy a dashboard camera. for the best, you’ll find reviews for different types dash cam


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