When we browse the web, or just do some action from our computer, we may lose our data. Some users minimize the strategic importance of data recovery and abandon it. Wrong?
Data recovery

It is important to save your computer data because this problem affects and can affect anyone at any given time. We have all already lost important personal data (files, photos, videos, etc.). This may be due to hard drive wear, full storage, or a very powerful virus attack on the system. To deal with this problem, everyone will have to take the necessary measures to save them.

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In addition, the media can inevitably break down and encounter this kind of problem. Even worse, they can be stolen or burned. It is important to go through data recovery steps in order to restore all those missing files. However, it should be noted that there are recovery methods that are more efficient than others and that require the passage of specialists. Data recovery also allows for strategies to avoid damage to computer systems.

How to recover the data?

The first solution to avoid data loss would be to anticipate most of the possible scenarios. You should never save your data on one medium, as the risk of accidentally deleting a file can affect anyone. However, their reliability and life expectancy must be taken into account. Visual media such as CD and DVD are, for example, alterable in less than 10 years. Saving data in multiple media can save in the case of theft or fire.

Another solution to recover the data is to think of the backup scheduled via data recovery software. There are different types of backup software, there are those for free and those for free. There is full backup, incremental backup for modified files when they were last saved, and differential backup for files backed up since they were fully saved. Their function is to program and automate backups.

The question is which software should be selected

You can find many options in the market. But based on our experience, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 is the best choice, at least for now. This software is available in 3 versions, one of which is free. The free version provides a recovery quota of up to 2GB, is sufficient for normal usage while paid versions provide unlimited recovery quota.

3 basic steps

Basically, this software works with 3 basic steps; launch, scan and recover. With a simple interface, this software can be understood and run by anyone without having to have high IT skills.

Troubleshoot data loss due to various causes

This great software is able to overcome the problem of data loss due to various causes such as formatted data, hacker attacks, accidental deletion, partition loss, system crashes, hard drive failure and so forth. Its multifunctional ability makes it better than many similar programs.

Able to recover various forms of data

Data is not in a single form. They can be anything; graphics, audio, video, various forms of email and so forth. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.9 works on almost any data, making it superior and very practical to use on any occasion.

Works on Windows and Mac

Available in two versions; Windows and Mac, this software is not an obstacle for anyone. Windows consists of various versions and each version above in 2003 can run this data recovery software.

How to install

You do not need to provide much space for the installation process. You just need to provide 32MB for the installation process! With a myriad of ease offered, it is worth if this software is called as the best software for hard drive recovery.




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