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Why Should You Invest In HVAC Preventive Maintenance?


Why Should You Invest In HVAC Preventive Maintenance?


Winter is in full swing, and it’s the coldest one that country’s had in the past 10 years. Places like Tampa, where it wasn’t uncommon to turn on the AC in winter, have now switched to HVAC service because of the freezing temperatures. No wonder the US Department of Energy predicts that winter heating costs are likely to increase by eight percent this year. This additional expenditure means homeowners will loathe spending more money on heating than is absolutely necessary. So, preventive maintenance isn’t something they’d be eager to avail from their HVAC contractor. What they don’t realize is, rejecting preventive maintenance is akin to rejecting long-term savings, smooth HVAC operation, and peace of mind. Subscribing to a preventive program, on the other hand, can offer you the following benefits:

Lower Your Home Energy Bills

Preventive maintenance keeps your HVAC unit in shape and ensures that it is running at peak efficiency, thereby facilitating smoother heating operations year-round. Simply call the HVAC expert twice a year – once before the heating season begins, and once before summer to minimize the burden on your AC by 20 percent. According to the US Department of Energy, reduced energy consumption lowers the cost of your utility bills and increases your savings by up to 30 percent.

Fewer Expensive Repairs

The need to call an HVAC professional for costly fixes decreases by almost 95 percent when you opt for preventive maintenance. While avoiding every HVAC repair situation is not possible, preventive care can boost your savings by anticipating your heating emergencies.

Enhance the Quality of Indoor Air

EPA reports suggest that indoor air contains two to five times the amount of pollutants in outside air. This is something you should be concerned with, especially if you or a member of your family suffers from severe respiratory problems like asthma. If you neglect to clean the HVAC unit for a long period, allergen spores, bacteria, mold, and dirt collect in the equipment and eventually find their way into the duct systems. Not only do these particles pollute the inside of your home, but they even aggravate your allergy symptoms and respiratory issues. The only way to avoid this problem is to clean the air filters and coils of your HVAC units regularly and keep the hazardous particles away from indoor air, thereby maintaining the overall air quality.

Care for the Environment

Preventive maintenance improves the efficiency of your home heating system. And an efficient HVAC unit consumes a lot less fuel. Thus, choosing preventive maintenance helps you to do your bits for the environment, albeit indirectly. You can reduce your carbon footprint by also using the right kind of refrigerant in the HVAC machine and installing a programmable thermostat.

In the places like Tampa, AC servicing companies offer homeowners various preventive services. Sign up for one of these maintenance programs. Besides, safety and comfort, it will ensure a long product life for your heating and cooling system.


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