Youtube is now a big thing and everyone wants to get their hands on it.But before you step in you need to be ready, you need to know the tips that can make you a great youtuber.

Tips for Being a Good YouTuber in 2017

Here today we are going to state 8 tips that would help you in becoming a good youtuber.

1.Descriptions are one of the most important parts.Look, Youtube bots cannot see your videos, so they look for the title and the description tags.So to rank your video high make sure you have added a good keyword rich meta description under all of your videos

2.Add similar suggestions to end of the video.Like if you have 5 videos that can be categorized under the same topic, then make sure at the end of every video, you add the links to other 4 similar videos.

3.Encourage engagement by asking for like, comments and subscribe.Also in every video talk about the comments on the previous video, that gives viewers a feeling that their comments are being read.

4.Use good quality of the microphone and a clear camera because in the end if your quality is not good, then viewers will not return back to the channel. So make sure you invest in a good recording camera and a great microphone

5.Keep the length of the video as short as possible and try to remove irrelevant part as much as possible.Up to 4 minutes  is a good length for a video, but you can go up to 5 minutes, something above than that for a new channel will not hold the viewers for a long time

6.Find other similar channels who have just started and try to collaborate with them. Link to one another channels and promote videos from another channel.Also get the idea by following channels that are producing similar content

7.Promote your channel on all social media platforms. Ask your friends and family to subscribe to your channel.Be proud to showcase your content to everyone.

8.Organise contest on your channel and do giveaways.Giveaway videos attract the most number of visitors in a short span of time.Do not forget to promote your contest video on social media platforms


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