A perfect workout to warm-up your grey matter and explore the power of imagination and brilliance.

Agatha Christie is back with another mystery filled upto the brim with suspicion and thrill. Something that will make your reading as exciting as a dream made or paid as the the queen of crime unleashed the suspicion at its level best on the readers through her pen.

This book correctly justifies the reading by edifying your mind as the works of Agatha Christie never fail to baffle readers while snatching away the story build-up midway of the novel.

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AGATHA CHRISTIE, The queen of Mystery was an English writer, born in Torquay (England) in 1890. She is the most popular novelist of all time. Her first novel was written at the end of the First World War who introduced us to the most famous detective HerculePoirot of crime fiction since Sherlock Holmes. She is known for amassing 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections.

Christie also wrote the world’s longest-running play, a murder mystery, The Mousetrap.

She is honoured by the Guinness World Records as the most famous novelist in history. She died in 1976. Her works come third in the rankings of the world’s most widely published books behind only Shakespeare’s works and Bible. She was appointed a Dame Commander of the order of the British Empire (DBE) for her contribution to literature.

STORY Summarised

The story spins around an acclaimed detective, HerculePoirot, originally from France, currently retired from Scottland Yard in England. Yearning frinthore mystery along with his friend, Captian Hastings in their retired lives when, suddenly, a letter detailing a murder of someone unknown about to take place in Andover is received by him, Signed by ABC, the murders begin with Mrs.Ascher and then Mr. Bexhill and finnalyMr.Churston, but leaving a trail of deliberate chies to taunt the proud Hercule. This is about a serial killer on the loose, inclined to go his ways alphabetically. There were little chances of the neal methodical murderer being caught but he made the blunger of sending the letter to the detective to degrade his plans regarding future murder.


  1. Jealousy –Poirot’s ability to decipher between jealousies is the most potent factor to solve the murder mysteries.
  2. Point of View – An interesting point about this prespective is that Captain Hasting, a good friend of HerculePirot, not directly related to the case whatsoever, he has just a fascination with Poirot, clearing that he is not a good observer, It is told through the eyes of the Captain Hasting.

The foreword poses an interesting reflection of the point of view used in the fiction.


* ABC Railway GUIDE – represents the murderer’s feelings of superiority. The killer leaves this guide at every crime to mock Poirot’s power.

* PANTYHOSE – It represents trickery of framing custfor all murders, solver by Poirot to protect the innocent from being trapped.

* THE SEA – It represents the sadness in the novel. It is both the place and sentiment.

* WHITEHAVEN – It is the place from where the novel starts, HerculePoirot’s Home.

* ANDOVER – The site of the first murder.

* BEXHILL – The site of the second crime.

* CHURSTON – The place where the third crime scene came into picture.


The book Agatha Christie – The A.B.C. Murders had a remarkable exemplary journey till now. Christie has brilliantly used the logical skills of finding a pattern and utilising inductile and deductive reasoning skilfully to reach a discerning point. This book is completely different from other writings of Christie as she went on a manhunt on framing a serial killer.

The author has managed well to confuse the readers with an element of reality. Her amusing way of telling things is best reflected in this novel that will hone up the brains.

What others SAY?

Expert Review:

The Sunday Times deemed Christie as the cunning murderer of the crime fictions. The Daily Telegraph (London) referred it as completely legit idea. British Evening post deemed it as the best of her works yet and it lets you enter her mind where she houses such notions.

The Times (London) stated it as an entirely new plot for a detective story, a difficult task to perform these days. She should be congratulated for the perfection of her invention.

Margoretreferred it as one of her best works. It was only right at the end to work out her ingenious mystery.



The perfection in the works of Agatha Christie does not leave any void but still perfection holds many limits for different brains while some find it more than enough to satiate the thrill and mystery lust, some found amisses in the content.

– As per James B, (Batman) it is not one of the best works of Agatha Christie but still a good read.

– Most readers deemed it as from good to average.

Jeuaxautu stated it quite an effective attempt but still requires to be altered a bit to make upto breakthroughs like Sherlock Holmes series.


The book is a must read for those who likes to experience rush, suspense or intrigue that the author never fails to deliver. Agatha Christie is such a crafty devil that she might have us believing ourselves the murderer midway through a novel.

She is definitely a go-to author when one fancies a “quick pick-me- up”. So if you are in a literary dry spell and yearn to read something, this book guarantees the enjoyment one is seeking.

Agatha Christie is an expert at providing red herrings and twist and turns leaving everyone as baffled as the characters in her novel.

There are other novels of Christie to look for like And Then There were None (world’s bestselling novel ever) and the like Mysterious Affair at Styles,Murder on the Orient Express,Murder on the Vicarage rated high among the readers.

Put your grey cells to work!

Enjoy reading the works of Agatha Christie.


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