When your world feels upside down, beloved novels are always there to light up your mood with happiness and love they shower! It is a proven fact that regular reading habit has a miraculous effect on our emotional and mental health. When you embrace a heart- throbbing novel and read it with full dedication and compassion, that deep endeavor will never make you feel alone. This is the true charm that novels have on our lives. And now you can easily create this magic again and again as online Amazon book offers are here to the rescue. So, when are you planning to create this magical aura in your mind? Order today!

1. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

We all must have read novels portraying fairy tale romances, and they are undoubtedly good to read too. But a sharp vision to the reality is something that seems much more relatable and genuine than an imaginary story. This novel puts in front of you the struggle of growing up in the mid-20th century in America.

Through this novel, Hinton expects from us to take a look at the scars of a group of teenage boys residing in the town of Oklahoma and the struggles they get exposed to at such a young age. This is a multiple time award winning Novel and indeed serves as a motivation for facing the odds that cruel society showers and get out of the same like a champion.


This incredibly inspiring novel has been awarded 4 star rating at the reviewing platform – Common Sense Media. The reviewer remarks this book as a worth reading novel that exposes us to welcome the bond of friendship despite of all the struggles and differences.

2. A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood

At times, we all face a phase that makes us feel like the loneliest person on this planet. Don’t we? And combating this destructive feeling is challenging. This novel is all about a middle aged professor named George Falconer surviving through a hard phase after the demise of his wife. He was caught up in a very depressing situation but as he gets to interact heartily with a student and go on dinner with his best friend, he learns that life is much higher than these petty battles we face.

Isherwood through this wonderful novel expresses the joy of being alive and hence asks the readers to enjoy every bit of it as we never really know what happens next!


As per reviews by Good Reads, this novel showers purely fascinating experience with pinch of fun, sadness, will without focusing too much on the sentimental side. The overall rating granted to this book by Good Reads stands at 4.1 out of 5 that is indeed a satisfactorily appreciative one.

3. The Girl who fell from the sky by Heidi Duro

Looking a bit different from the crowd seems fantastic, right? But this is not the case all the time. In this story, Duro explains the hardships faced by a biracial girl named Rachel who is presently brought up by her black grandmother residing in a place dominated by the White people.

She was the daughter of a black father and Danish mother which in turn blessed her with beautiful white girl’s eyes in a black girl’s body. She was the only survivor when her younger brother, her mother and she herself fell from a nine story building. This novel is all about the prejudicial behavior she faced from the dominating Portuguese neighborhood she was a part of and her struggles of defeating these cruel situations.


As per the review given on Book World-This book not only allows you to take an insight of the racial discriminations one may encounter, in fact it is the story reflecting human tragedy and survival that is not a new threat but definitely a destructive one.

4. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Path

In this super realistic novel, the author shares her story and throws some light on vitality of sound mental health and human psyche. In the story a dynamic young woman named Esher greenwood secures an exciting internship in the New York magazine and despite of enjoying the frank and miraculous New York culture, she find it a bit destructive and frightening.

Through this novel, the author wants us to make a reality check in our life and visualize properly that what might seem adorable may not be so all the time.


The very renowned reviewing platform- The Guardian remarks this book as a beautifully described novel talking about the consistent faults with human nature, mental illness and the challenges faced by Women to stand up for themselves in this not so fair society. The novel has been successful in securing a 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars by The Guardian.

5. The Fault in our stars by John Green’

Not everyone has a choice to live! Even if they want it very badly, they can’t make it happen due to serious diseases like Cancer. In this novel, Green expresses the story of a teenage girl named Hazel who is a cancer patient and is fighting uncountable physical, social, emotional and mental battles at such a younger age.

Other teenagers suffering from this horrible disease are too a part of this story and cancer support group. All of these young hearts fighting this deadly disease ensure that they share happiness and miseries of each other and celebrate life as much as they can!


This novel has received appreciation from various sources. As per the review by Natrona Country Library, this book has a topic that is not vividly talked about- Cancer; this book is successful in capturing the minds and hearts of its readers and compels them to dive more and more into the intricacies that this novel showcases. All the readers will enjoy having a sip of this realistic and heart-touching novel as the story has been presented in a very impressive manner.

6. The End of the Affair by Graham Green

Nothing lasts forever! But the lessons we learn from our past mistakes or situations do last. As the name itself gives a peek in to the story, it is vital to know that this is not an anti-love novel. It revolves around the lives of Sarah Miles and Maurice Bendrix who are in a relationship that turns out to be bit adulterated and exposes these two to the world of exploring truth amidst love, hate, anger , guilt and a lot more.

This story tells us that the endeavors we put in to make a relationship work might turn out to be dangerous at times. It is possible that the people we love leave at one point but the experiences we had are always going to guide through life’s trials and triumphs.


Good reads has remarked this novel as an extremely varied romantic book that is a story of hate over the story of love that is somewhere lost in the hate that gets developed. According to the reviewer this novel will give you an experience that will insist you to deeply observe relationships around and assess the situations encountered by such close relations. As far as ratings are concerned, this novel has got a 3.9 stars rating out of 5 stars.

Why to order these books online?

You must be wondering that you can get these books from local stores too, and it is surely possible too! But ordering books online comes with several benefits like-

  • You need not to travel from shop to shop to find the books you need
  • No need of wasting time in bargaining as there are numerous deals and discounts running online
  • By preferring the online mode, you get the chance to choose between eBooks and hard copies
  • The book will be delivered at your doorstep and you need not to waste your precious time and energy.

Simple Steps to order books online

For ordering these superbly sensational novels, follow these quick, easy and simple steps-

  • Search for the book you wish to order on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  • Select the edition you wish to buy, checkout the price, genre and other important details
  • Add the selected books to the cart and proceed by providing necessary details
  • Don’t forget to enter coupon codes if any are available so as to receive discounts
  • Facilitate the payment; confirm the order and you will receive a confirmation from the store soon.

Surrender your soul to reading

What you read is completely what you reflect! Doesn’t matter how hard life goes, novels always serve as a comely companion ensuring that you get the required strength and support to shine. Reading is just like travelling, it is a trip whereby you do not get up from your couch, but you definitely reach up to a new world and experience its beauty and authenticity. If you are not a book admirer yet, try any of these and turn into one and then your life will seem a fascinating place to be!



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