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Fast-Track Your Choosing The Best Educational Software Helps Teachers


Fast-Track Your Choosing The Best Educational Software Helps Teachers


With the ever-changing and transforming industry of education, traditional ways of learning are also emerging with the use of high-end technology. Every up next and improved version of a software helps in saving educators’ time as well as yield better results.

The major reason behind teachers getting hesitant of using technology is that they might not know how to go about it, which will make them feel embarrassed in front of a class full of students. Most often, it happens if he is not given proper training or not interested in making the use of new methods of teaching. While on the other hand, some tutors ae very quick to adopt new technology – in fact; they take it as an amazing opportunity to enhance their skills.

While using technology in your respective profession (especially, teaching), one must overcome their fears and frustrations as it simplifies the work. In this article, we are sharing three common academic fears of teachers along with the solution.

Fear No. 1: Technical Barriers

Since online learning is a platform where teachers have to deliver everything digitally; whether it is study material, lectures, class schedules, or anything else. Indeed, all teachers are not aware of the code content creation, so they must face difficulties. However, design, authoring, and learning management are the tools that have come a long way. And many of them has already considered the need for simplicity by offering what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface. When teachers use these means, they are able to rearrange and author the content instantly.

While creating a tool for teachers, following are the facts to be focused:

  • If any technical jargon comes off, avoid it. Move to a different tool.
  • Make sure to offer intuitive user interfaces and code-free content creation, so that teacher may find it easy to transform it into a classroom. Plus, it’d reduce the time consumption figuring out a new workflow.
  • Allow teachers to author and publish their content straight away. That too, without any hassle of learning management systems and coding. Also, ensure that the tool is user-friendly on the devices like smartphones, desktops, and tablets as well.

Fear no. 2: Adoption of New Tools

There are a great number of authoring tools that come with the features like animations, learners’ interactions, characters, color swatches, and other gaming elements. These are valuable while engaging students in a no-teacher asynchronous environment. While there is a significant scope for teacher student interaction in a flipped classroom, which is why there is no need of a rich set of features. It is recommended to select a simple and minimalist authoring tool that comes with a sleek interface and basic engagement features that make you focus on authoring content. Ensure that they allow you:

  • To integrate the material into PowerPoint, Word, or any other media files.
  • To collaborate in a shared workplace. It is helpful in making teachers use the same updated curriculum and eventually helping them improve the quality of lessons thoroughly.
  • For practice, add some quizzes and assessments.
  • Track the report of students with a report function.

Fear No. 3: IT Dependency and Complex Installation

It is advisable to make selection of tools that support the following:

  • Simple One-click hosting – it makes sure that your content is not vulnerable to hardware failures. For this purpose, some tools have their own server.
  • Web Based Access – it requires no installations and plugins. It is very easy to get started and also requires very little time of learning.
  • Publication to all devices, learning management system, social media, the web/cloud, or as a link that may be shareable. That smart way, learners may easily access their lessons on any device whether school computers, or their own smartphone or tablet.

Selecting the Best Educational Software is the Solution to All these Fears

The flipped classrooms are considered as a successful approach while teaching and learning, it is a method where teachers digitize their lectures and reuse all the traditional teaching time for the meaningful conversations with students.

However, we are not in favor of replacing classrooms or teachers with the recent technology; as it is not effective that way. We highly value the role of expert teachers in any organization. But it is a matter of fact that if teachers use the power of technology to digitize the aspects of their job like lectures, study material, notes, and corrections; it would be effective using their precious time for student interaction and research.

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Eric Bass is an alumni from online university in Dubai. He acquired his bachelor’s degree from there, and started pursuing a professional career in the field of technology. Along with that, he traveled different regions of the world too. His hobbies include swimming, dancing, and writing some interesting stuff.


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