High school students generally attempt to create resumes in two scenarios — they are either looking for a part-time job on the weekends or evenings, or they are looking to attach a strong resume to their college application.  However, conventional resume templates rarely fulfill the needs of high school students, since they do not generally highlight their school activities, interests, clubs, GPA, athletics and other accomplishments. The one-size-fits-all approach taken by traditional resume builders and templates fail to satisfy the needs of teens.

Effective high school students resume cab be created by structuring it in the following manner:

  1. Open with a strong objective focused on ability to take instructions, punctuality etc
  2. Mention the high school name and grade
  3. GPA, only if above 3.
  4. If you are a honor student, that needs to be mentioned. List honors such as national honor society, national merit society etc.
  5. List all clubs (in high school or outside the school) that the teen is a member of. If you hold positions such as club secretary, treasurer, or president, make sure you highlight that.
  6. List athletic accomplishments — be sure to mention athletic tier (such as Varsity, JV etc.), and also if you are captain of the team that needs to be pointed out, as it displays leadership potential and ability to work on teams.
  7. Mention your hobbies and other interests. Focus on the ones that display diligence and skill such as knitting, art, car detailing and similar activities.
  8. List any jobs you may have worked — including easily overlooked ones such as house painting, yard work, babysitting etc
  9. Finally, list all unpaid gigs such as volunteer work around the community, school or your church.

A well-structured teen resume can also be created using a  high school student resume builder, they can pick a high school resume template that is attractive and is suitable to their specific needs.  The system then collects information about a student’s accomplishments at school, this is then filled into the resume template picked out by the student from among the various high school student resume templates. The result is an elegant resume that is specifically oriented towards teenagers. The system even looks for work experiences that are likely to be found among teens such as lawn care, pet care or babysitting; while not seeking the work experiences that are more likely to be found on adult resumes.

In essence, using a resume builder for teenagers can take a great deal of hardship and guesswork out of the process of creating a good resume for high school students.


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