You can never be sure what your readers understand from your text if you don’t provide them with a strong thesis statement in your essay. Many students and even professional authors still think that thesis statement should be a part only of a dissertation or a thesis, but it is far from the truth. A hypothesis is a crucial block of any text, be it a persuasive, analytical or opinion paper. You have to know how to write it and you have to understand its importance. We have prepared a list of reasons why you should include a compelling thesis statement into every essay, and how to do it. Of course, we can’t cover all the tips on writing a strong thesis for an essay, but the following guidelines and ideas will definitely help you.

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Why Thesis Is Important

  1. It provides readers with the core idea of the text. Imagine that your readers need to elaborate on your text just after reading your thesis (thesis statement). What would they say? Would the know what to say or would they feel completely lost? Your thesis gives an idea of the entire text, so once a reader finds it, he or she can decide whether to read further on not.
  2. It gives an understanding of your opinion regarding the particular issue. When it comes to a reflection or opinion essay, readers, and first of all your professors should understand your point of view from the very beginning. Your thesis should not be vague; it should not live questions. Of course, it can’t unveil everything you think regarding the issue and it can’t provide readers with your arguments, but it should be clear and precise.
  3. It defines the quality of your writing. Even if your paper is written with the usage of the impeccable English language, if it is formatted greatly and the references are engaging and up-to-date, your thesis defines the quality of the entire work. That is why it is so important that you work meticulously on it. Professors are professionals and they see if you know how to write it or you feel uncertain

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

  1. Give yourself some time. Despite the fact that a thesis is stated in the introduction part, you don’t have to formulate it from the very beginning. Some students, first of all, write a hypothesis and then adjust the whole writing to it. Some do completely reverse. The first of all develop all the arguments, write a compelling conclusion and only then formulate a strong thesis statement. Which way to choose is only your decision, but if you choose the second option you will not have to waste time revising the thesis which doesn’t comply with your conclusions.
  2. Choose the type of the thesis statement. Mostly you should choose between the “informative” and the “persuasive” thesis statements. If you choose the informative one, you just give your readers an idea of your conclusions of the matter and the “course of writing.” If you choose the “persuasive” one you have to provide your audience with the key opinion you have regarding the particular matter. Don’t make it too long and detailed, and restrain yourself from adding arguments. Just state your opinion, so the reader understands from the very beginning which side you take.
  3. Don’t make it too long. Of course, when speaking about the thesis statement used in dissertation writing it can take even several extended sentences. However, when writing an essay, you have to stay focused and make it only one sentence, and not too long one. If you have several ideas you want to perform — try to limit yourself to at most three which can be included in your thesis statement.
  4. Don’t be too obvious. An obvious thesis statement is obviously boring. Choose something arguable, provoking, that will make your reader interested in your further arguments.

Even if you pay attention only to this limited set of tips and ideas your thesis statement will be impressive enough to define your work as a high-quality custom written essay. Concentrate, don’t leave everything to the last moment, read your thesis statement aloud several times and make sure one breath is enough to finish reading it. Good luck!

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