You would like to spend a semester abroad or a shorter stay abroad, but do not know how and where? To the time as well as possible abroad organize, you should pick who are familiar with the destination and the conditions there you advice of people. Ideally, you are looking for someone who has already gained experience abroad. For counseling on studying in different countries such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada, there are numerous contact points where students can find help in planning their study abroad.

Actual Role of Education Consultant

It is not surprising that for parents, who decided to give their children educated abroad, finding the right school becomes the most important and at the same time the most difficult question. Many people try to find the right version themselves, looking through numerous ratings and websites, but sooner or later it becomes clear that to see the objective differences, advantages, and disadvantages among such a flow of information are quite difficult – in this case, professional consultants come to help Study Abroad Consultants.

Have Conversation with Leading Consultant

  • Usually, the first meeting with such an education Consultants a detailed conversation: the consultant identifies the existing educational experience, your wishes and educational needs, and those or other preferences.
  • You may be asked to bring a report card with grades, recommendations from teachers and a class teacher from the current school, the results of tests and examinations – academic (in terms of subjects) and language tests.
  • The consultant listens attentively to the student and his parents: the most important thing is to understand what exactly a specific person needs, what goals he plans to achieve, what his expectations are from education abroad.

Gather all Essential Details

Having collected the necessary information, the consultant selects suitable educational institutions for you: explains in detail the features and merits of each, the differences between them, strengths and advantages. At this stage, the personal experience of each specialist plays a big role: his visits to schools and training centers, the inspection of campuses, meetings with directors and teachers, and experience with an educational program. In addition, the importance lies in the impartiality, objectivity of its evaluation – our specialists rely on your requirements and wishes to help you in a particular situation.

Our overseas education consultants for studying abroad will help you with dedication and from the first step in choosing the best university, the definition of courses, the preparation, and submission of the required documents and all the small questions that may arise around the study abroad.

Education abroad in any country in the world!

We are glad to welcome future students and their parents on our website! Our company ISA Migration specializes in providing assistance in applying for study abroad. Study abroad is the dream of many young people and their parents and our team can realize this dream. In order for your studies abroad to become a reality, we have been cooperating for many years with the best universities in the world who receive international students, offering them the best programs of preparation and obtaining a degree in universities.

Study abroad is your desire and our goal. Any young person who applies to our company is guaranteed to enter a foreign university. Our team of Overseas Education Consultants will help you choose the best program for which you can achieve unsurpassed academic success. You will receive a personal contact that will be happy to help and advise you throughout the entire time.


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