Pune is known to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It’s considered as the center of learning and research since the 1900s. A region like magarpatta near Pune has also developed a lot in terms of infrastructure, better amenities, education facilitates with a good blend of traditional values with modern influences and teaching methodology.

With so many schools in magarpatta, how do you know which is the best school for your child? We here are some features that you can look for while narrowing down your search to best schools to make your choice easier.

Education is just not about bookish knowledge, mug up theorems, chemical formulae and pen down in the exam papers to pass the examination.

It should be learnt, to retain for rest of the life. Schools in magarpatta make sure, that your child learn things with the fund and not under psychological pressure. Experienced and highly qualified teachers make learning rather adventures than mandatory practices.

It will finish the curiosity of the students so that they look forward to knowing more.

When you type ‘Schools in Magarpatta city Pune’ you’re provided with a list of schools in your vicinity.

This list will contain schools that are mushroomed in every corner of the city. If the quality of education is flawless, then each penny spent would be earned in future. However, all that glitters is not gold, so it’s essential to select a good school for your child and unlock myriads of opportunities for him or her.

Although, people emphasis more on quality education and best faculties, however, the holistic development of your child is also important.

Therefore, ensure that your school infrastructure is good with skillfully playing activities.

There should be a lot of co-curricular activities like music, dance, singing, gymnastics, etc. to give the right career opportunity path for your child.

Schools with sports complex facilities like swimming, athletics, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, etc. will add to their sports career development.


Ensure that the teachers give individual attention and a quality learning experience for every student.


There has to be an integrated curriculum with a continuous assessment of student encouragement for discovering them and make the learning experience joyful.

Some reputed and hi-end schools in magarpatta have independent wi-fi enabled building, each class is fitted with a ceiling mounted LCD projector.

There is computer lab networked computers with the latest configuration. You can find Library well equipped with a large number of books, national and international journals.

Schools will also try to nurture a child with good values, emotional intelligence and a sound value system that will hold them in good stead in the future but a positive involvement of parents also plays a major role for the holistic development of a child.

It’s better to learn everything about the school you wish your child should take admission at from academics to a variety of unique curricular activities.

Look for schools that give a stimulating education experience and encourage your children to develop their interest both inside and outside of the classroom.

eWe recommend beginning your communication with qualified admission teams as soon as possible to receive early inputs on registering your child in top schools in magaraptta.



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