The greatness and uniqueness of a university is the ability to meet people from all backgrounds and races to exchange ideas.

Most Diverse Universities in America

Most students consider attending diverse universities so as to broaden their reasoning and points of view through learning new things and mimicking other people’s lifestyle. They further seek for attending these universities due to the desire to widen their viewpoints on various matters as well as accept themselves. The following are the most diverse universities ranked by college factual.

  1. Hawaii Pacific University

This is the most diverse university in America with only 7% from the state and 47% of the students comes from outside of the state. Most students feel pleasure to attend to Hawaii Pacific University due to the warm tropical climate in Hawaii, a thriving tourism industry that attracts a lot of people and the gorgeous beaches. The university is further varied in ethnic diversity with different students coming from diverse backgrounds with the ratio of male to female being merely even. This has therefore increased the interactions among students from different backgrounds and regions regardless of gender making the university to be the most diverse.

  1. Chaminade University of Honolulu

Other than Hawaii, Chaminade University has also an excellent depiction of different ethnic groups. The university was started by the Roman Catholic tradition and therefore its philosophy remains unique through improving the students’ lives. It focuses on faith, education and family.  Though Hawaii is the popular choice therefore almost half of the students in the university at Chaminade come from outside Hawaii. Due to the university’s philosophy to boost the background of individual students, Chaminade University has therefore gained popularity from diverse regions in the country.

  1. Stanford University

Stanford University is popularly known by majority of its graduates going to high paying careers of technology, engineering and business related areas of specialization. The university is considered to be extremely ethnical with male to female ratio being almost even. The university is considered the second best quality school in California. These two factors have contributed to more than half of the students coming from outside the state and therefore making Stanford a diverse university.

  1. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Another university yet again from Hawaii features among the most diverse universities in America. It is a public university at Mandalay that is sensibly priced with good money value. Due to this money value, the university is totally different with most of its population being Asian. The university has a relatively equal male to female 30% of the students coming from outside the state. The relatively affordable financial standards has attracted students from diverse regions into this university making it

  1. Pomona College

This is a minor private arts and liberal school that has high money value due to its high standards of education. It has a diverse student body with 70% of them coming from outside the area. The minorities from ethnic groups are also well represented in this college. The male female ratio is almost even with majority of the students coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds. This makes Pomona among the most diverse universities in America.

  1. Alaska Pacific University

The university has played a great role to attract students from all parts of the country. Alaska Pacific University is a small private university with an arts school that is liberal. The university’s educational philosophy is regarded as good since it of encourages students to become learners who are active. The university offers student degrees up to PhD level. In addition, it offers some programs that are special for adult learners. A larger percentage of the student body is comprised of students from outside the region and from various diverse backgrounds.

  1. Harvard University

Factually, Harvard University is considered as the top ranked university in the states. This has raised the desire from all the students in the country and even the entire world to study from this university. The university has a male female ratio of merely even with more than 80% of the students’ body outside the state of Massachusetts. Approximately 10% of the students in this university are international with various ethnicities being well represented. By representing all this student body from almost all regions of the country and 10% international students, Harvard University is therefore ranked among the top diverse universities in America.

  1. Columbia University in the City of New York

This is a prestigious university in New York City that has managed to be ranked among the most diverse universities in America due to its ability to attract approximately 80% of its students outside the state. It has a fair split men and women with high ethnic diversity. It is ranked well in terms of college factual rankings and is considered among the best schools in the country as it takes position 20.


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