Dining rooms are that part of a house where families sit together to spend quality time – family time. Sitting all day in our offices and working on the boring office table filled with a laptop, work documents, meeting schedules; we all look forward to going home and spending gala time with our families in our dining room with tables filled with lots of food and happiness. Birthday cakes, family get-togethers, kitty parties; these dining rooms are filled with all kinds of memories that will be cherished by us for a lifetime.

While we treasure the memories we’ve spent in the dining rooms, it’s time we give it a complete makeover. Home furniture and fixtures are elements of a house we don’t change very often. However, our rooms also need a change from time to time because they’re a part of the most comfortable place on earth, home. That wooden antique furniture, those lamps, those chairs and our favourite eating place, the dining table; all need to change after some time or the other. It will not only give your dining room a new look but will also give an exciting feel and make you want to savor it every time you see it.

Let’s see how you can go about refreshing the old dull look of your dining room.

Cleaning is the first step:

What people tend to overlook while overhauling their rooms is the cleaning part. Not only does your dining room need a makeover, but it also needs to be nicely cleaned and polished. Therefore, before you deck it up with new furniture and accessories, you need to clean it. This step can involve getting the floor swept and polished, the wall paint whitewashed or renewed, washing old drapes like tablecloth and curtains, polishing any wood that has lost its color or shine and other such things. Don’t forget to give a new look to your ceiling too! Decorate it with new lights, a new fancy paint, and accessories that can give your dining space a vibrant look.

Dining Table:

The essential component of a dining room is the dining table, of course! This central element surely has to be the most attractive. The easiest way to revamp it is to bring in a new one. However, you can also use your creativity to give your wooden dining table a new look by giving it a new paint or some new printed pattern. You can also try experimenting with the shapes and size of your dining table to make it look fancy.


Once you’ve finalised the dining table, the next step is to update your tablescape. From tablecloths to tableware, you will need to take care of all that occupies even the smallest space on the tabletop. Start by changing your table linens, add nice table mats that complement the linens as well as your new theme. You can also add a beautiful centerpiece like a matching fruit basket or a flower vase and give your table a style statement. Just combine matching crockery, and your dining table is all set now!


To accentuate your dining room, you can add new chairs to it. If you’re willing to buy new chairs, you can either match them with your dining table or create fusion or contrast. Conversely, if you’re willing to retain your old chairs, you can reinvent them with new seat covers and new cushions. You can also add small wooden chairs for a side-seating. Make sure they’re comfortable enough to sit!


When you think of a room, things like space and light come to mind! You can start with a chandelier right above your dining table. It will give your dining table a grand and stylish add-on. You also want to make sure that the general lighting of the dining room is warm, inviting and pleasant. You might also want to add a few flashy lights to pep up your mood during party nights. However, you should keep the lighting casual and elegant.


The walls of your room also say a lot. Therefore, this part of your dining room is not to be ignored. While you would have already thought about whitewashing it or adding new paint, you can also consider adding a nice texture to it using paint or wallpapers. You can also add lovely wall paintings or mural art and give your walls a lively look.

By now, you must have started visualising how your new dining room would look. We say, say bye to that antique home furniture start reinventing it now and host your next family dinner or get-together in your dining room! Compliments will themselves make their way!


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