New Indie music is one of the many unorthodox American neologisms that are hired in universal: It is the contraction and an independent music that you understand can mean everything and nothing. In fact if a profane tries to fit in the “tour” to understand what this new India music is all about and that will turn you head and the full body.

In the broadcast sense it is Indie everything that is not published by a major and considering the second category “only” we practically did not move on. The problem is that when it was born this India rock nobody knows even if it is current opinion (and in my opinion completely wrong) that the Velvet Underground are the founders of the genre. Not that they have not influenced any rock band at their next let’s intend; simply do not meet the requirements of the kind to which we come in a bit. Other renowned masters are the immense Beach Boys The Kinks and Ramones without underestimating (as we might?) The impact of the British punk scene.

When it comes to alternative rock pop indie jangle pop college rock and other similar amenities they always introduce roots of modern indie music: list famous names like REM The Cure The Smiths Siouxsie and the Banshees There’s not much use at this stage if not to contextualize; but we are getting closer to the goal the historic lesion is almost over. If I had to choose a band of the eighties that could be considered indispensable for understanding the indie I would definitely have the name of Dinosaur Jr .: despite the many centrifugal thrusts of their original sound the background mat remained a hybrid between independent pop and punk as it feels in the late Green Mind (which curiously is the band’s first album to be released for a major).

In this context we can certainly insert the grunge which also had far more acoustic edges: but common was the devastating mentality of the rock through both sound and aesthetics both in sharp contrast to the hair metal and the major pop. And so unhappily that alternative became fashionable. Grunge nu punk emo britpop: Everything that was detached from previous modes was welcomed by critics as well as by the public with arms and open wallets: a lesson that record labels will not forget easily at the expense of all teenagers who they travel with their mouths open ready to be taken by the fishermen far more wise than them. These people (and I am talking about both fans and workmen) largely devoid of meaningful musical culture did not care that their goodwill were reworking without imagination as they did a few years ago by very thick bands.

Of course it was not all cloudy water: for every Alanis Morissette there were Fugazi for every Oasis there were Blur for every Smashing Pumpkins there was Jane’s Addiction not even too hidden. To put a clear divide were the Radiohead often idolized beyond their great merits. With them the indie or alternatives that they want becomes associated with a definite human kind with tastes needs and looks that are precise. We are in practice a leading revanchism of this kind of music which goes to meet the sympathies of boys that we could call radical chic.


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