Goa is undoubtedly the land of spectacular beaches in India. But if you think that Goa beaches have all been discovered, think again. There are plenty of stunning albeit secret beaches of Goa that are yet to be explored fully. So the next time you happen to be visiting Goa, give the famous Goa beaches of Calangute, Baga, and others a miss to explore some of the lesser-known virgin beaches in Goa. While you may not find luxurious and best beach resorts in Goa here, you will definitely find plenty of raw natural beauty.


Alluring an insane number of tourists from across the world, the long coastline of Goa and its stunning beaches require no introduction. While you may have already visited some popular beaches in Goa, this trip try to explore the unexplored side of Goa and head to the spectacular secret beaches of Goa. Listed below are a few of them you can consider visiting when arriving in Goa on cheap business class flights.

Galgibaga Beach

Located about 7 km from the popular Palolem Beach, Galgibaga beach is best known for its Olive Ridley turtles. Popular for being one of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Galgibaga beach is a fairly secluded one as well barring a few snacks and drinks stalls. Also known as Turtle Beach, this is one of the most spectacular secret beaches of Goa to explore.

Kakolem Beach

One of the most secluded secret beaches of Goa, Kakolem Beach is also popularly known as Tiger Beach. Situated within a bay, this small beach cove boasts of impressive scenic beauty. The sands here are among the cleanest since the beach is away from any kind of rush. This is one of the most beautiful beaches you can visit and enjoy views of the picturesque surroundings.

Betul Beach

Set in scenic, tranquil surroundings about 18 km from Margao, Betul beach is famous for being the fishing beach of Goa. Possibly the best beach in Goa if you’re looking for a peaceful place to visit, the silvery sands and swaying coconut palms make it one of the most picturesque ones as well. There is a 17th-century fort, a small lagoon, and Canaguinim beach nearby worth visiting as well.

Butterfly Beach

Located on Butterfly Island and replete with crystal clear waters, this tiny beach offers visitors unspoilt scenic beauty and much-needed privacy. Make time to visit this beach even if you’re booking last minute flights and arriving in Goa on a work-related trip. There is lush green and dense vegetation behind the beach which nature lovers will absolutely love exploring.

Arambol Beach

Also a quiet beach, this is also one of the best secret beaches of Goa you can consider exploring. Best visited with family, you can have an incredible barbeque night-out at this stunning beach. If you love swimming, this is probably the best Goa sea beach to visit. The beach is ideal for those looking for an underplayed ‘bohemian’ vibe in a less-crowded setting.

Lover’s Beach

Situated about 6 km from Margao, Lover’s Beach, as the name suggests, is one of the most romantic secret beaches of Goa. Accessed only via private transport, this non-commercialized beach is one of the best ones to visit in Goa with your other half. Pack a few snacks and sit by the beach admiring the most spectacular sunset views. Take a stroll hand-in-hand with your beloved and watch the waters play with the sunlight.

Cola Beach

Among the stunning hidden beaches in Goa, Cola Beach is located about 10 km from Agona Beach. This is the ideal beach to visit if you wish to get away from the usual touristy beaches and head someplace offbeat. With a backdrop of majestic coconut palm groves, the flawless beauty of the spectacular Cola Beach is sure to leave you spellbound. Like many others, Cola Beach is among the best secret beaches of Goa which are part of the lesser-known facts about Goa.

Velsao Beach

Located ahead of the popular Majorda and Colva beaches in South Goa, Velsao Beach is among the most breathtakingly beautiful secret beaches of Goa. While you will find soft silver sands, a lifeguard, and scattered flocks of stunning avifauna, you won’t find any massive crowds here. Warm waters and fresh air offer an inviting ambiance to those looking to swim here. So the next time you book cheap flights with Indian Eagle for a trip to Goa hoping also to head out for a swim, visit Velsao Beach.



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