Travel to Bahamas is an unforgettable adventure. You’ll be surrounded by pristine beaches with clear azure waters lashing the shores gloriously. The amazing sand strips spreads all across the 700-island archipelago whereas the destination itself is multifaceted offering many different shades and variety of Bahaman experiences.

Lucky bearers of St. Kitts and Nevis passport have the privilege to choose one of their favourite islands in the Bahamas per the likes since it’s a visa-free destination. Have the best culinary adventure at one of the local eats on Grand Bahama, hike to the highest peak on Cat Island, dive into the cerulean waters in the Biminis or mingle with the commoners at Junkanoo, there’s something for everyone here!

Grand Bahama

  • For the love of food, nature & diving

Enjoying a fish fry is every Bahamans favourite pastime and you can catch one on the Grand Bahama. Local bars and restaurants here are known best for a variety of seafood but fish fry is truly an exception. Smith’s Point Fish Fry is the best bet and you can also party every Wednesday night here!

Savvy divers are in for a treat at Grand Bahamas with a whole lot of shallow reefs, underwater caves and wrecks beneath the vast ocean floor just waiting to be explored. Get up close to nature at the Lucayan National Park where trail of mangroves descend to the isolated beach, nestled only by the birds and turtles in the amazing forests and wetlands.

The park’s also one of the largest to have underwater cave network in the world. Although swimming to all these is prohibited due to safety, few are open for public to dive in including the Burial Mound Cave which is also the final resting place of early inhabitants of the island.

Long Island

  • For adventures on the beaches & landscapes

Long Island features some of the most amazing and diverse trails in the Bahamas. The eastern waterfront is lined with jagged cliffs, bathed in flora and fauna as well as desolate greenery gracing the island’s northern end. Hidden or subterranean adventurers would get to explore the honeycomb caves, unearthly rock formations and walk the unclear trails assisted by a local guide.

This particular island stretch is lined with the rough, pink sands, natural swimming pools, shallow coves and enchanted resorts on the powdery beaches. And if you’re hungry, there’s plenty of scrumptious grilled fish to chow!

Andros Island

  • For bird-watching & fishing

It’s home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef further complemented by a pool of rainbow-coloured tropical fishes and toothy sharks. Only serious and professional divers are allowed to explore the gauntlet depths of Andros Island.

Fishermen are blessed with bonefish since the shallow banks and waters are the largest habitat in the world that earned it the title of ‘world’s capital of bone-fishing’. The mud flats and vast mangrove swamps are home to amazing wildlife for you to experience only with a local guide.


Get the best of your St. Kitts and Nevis passport by finding an adventure in the Bahamas.


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