This place is well known for the Buddhist complex, and it is one of the oldest stone structures in the country. It is popular as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the country, and you will find many tourists coming to this place on a regular basis. Due to the Stupas here it is also a leading destination of pilgrimage for the followers of Buddhism. It has many stupas that are carved with great architectural brilliance. Many Buddhist followers come to this place to get the blessings of the Sanchi stupa. You can comfortably spend a whole day at this place along with family members.

The weather in this place is moderate throughout the year, and you will not have any issues with visiting the place even during the summer and rainy season. You can easily reach the place from Bhopal, and it is also well connected with other nearby towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh. Sanchi lies about 50 kilometers from Bhopal city. To move there by car is also easy as roads are good for the driving in any season.

Sanchi museum

The Museum is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, and you can find the best items that belong to glorious past of this region. The Museum was established in the year 1919, and the new building was built during 1966. It has four large galleries along with the Central Hall that has various sculptural arts of various temples. You can visit the Museum along with your children so that they will be able to make them understand the culture and rich heritage of the country.

The great Sanchi Stupa

As soon as you enter the Gateway of this complex, you will notice different scenes from the Jataka Kathas and the drawings life of Buddha carved on the gateway. The Stupa has a large diameter of nearly 36 meters, and it stands at the height of nearly 16 meters. It is said that Emperor Ashoka first began the construction of this stupa. You can also find the amazing statue of Buddha sitting in dhyana mudra in this temple complex.

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Gupta Temple

The amazing temple was built during the 4th century, and it is well known for its architectural brilliance. Even though the temple is small, it is constructedin a symmetrical manner, and the entire structure has the best ornamentation with regards to artistic design. It is situated in the southern gate of the complex.

Buddhist Vihara

It is said that the followers of Buddhism used to stay at this place when they visited the Shanti Stupa. The complex also has the remains of Mahamogalyayan and Sariputta who were two of the greatest disciples of Buddha.

Ashoka Pillar

The amazing pillar has wonderful art, and the four lions you can see on the stone has very good carving. The importance of this pillar is that the symbol has been chosen as the National Emblem of our country and this shows the amazing masterpiece architecture of the pillar.


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